The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is undoubtedly a good product even if, as our Emanuele says, it’s not really worth investing these € 40 of expenditure. After all, this is a fifth-generation smartband with a larger screen. One useful feature that we don’t find in the previous version, however, is the ability to send quick replies via SMS

. But even with this feature, is it right to buy it? Maybe not, but knowing that a really useful update is coming…maybe you should think about it. Let’s see in detail what it is.


Xiaomi Mi Band 6 receives in China and Europe a really useful update: the ability to be used as a flashlight. Never be afraid of the dark again!

According to reports from Chinese sources, the Mi Band 6 is receiving these days (clearly for now only in China) a very interesting update. This comes with build number V1.0.4.38_android_165 and brings, hear hear, the flashlight! But how is it possible to use the flashlight on the Mi Band 6 when no such sensor is integrated? Very simple, using the OLED screen. Within the settings in fact, has been included a function that allows you to turn on the flashlight to the need. Let’s see in the images below how.

xiaomi mi band 6 si aggiorna con l'uso della torcia: come si utilizza

Going into the settings of the Mi Band 6, we will find the menu “More“. Here, going down, we will find several other menus like “Tomato Timer“, “Camera“, “Stopwatch“, “Timer“, “Find Device” and “Silent

“. Right here will be the newly arrived “Torch” option. By activating it, we will be able to make the OLED screen of the smartband

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light up white

so that we can use it as a flashlight. As we said in the introduction, the feature is now only available for sixth generation smartbands with Chinese firmware.

It is not excluded that the same functionality (as happened other times) may arrive on the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 global. In fact, we are convinced that it will. Nevertheless, this is not a feature that requires additional chips, such as NFC



With the latest update of the smartband in the global version, a flashlight arrives for it as well. In addition to the Chinese variant, therefore, we can also use it. How to do it? With this simple guide


  • first we need to access the Settings of the bracelet on the home page
  • sthen we select Display Settings: for those who do not know, here we can choose what are the options visible on the screen of the smartband
  • go down and look for Torch: now drag it to a convenient location and save the settings


can also select the flashlight as a quick access setting, here’s how


  • always in the same screen Settings of the bracelet, select Quick access settings
  • choose the flashlight as before and insert it in the quick access screen.
  • The quick access screen is what we use by swiping left and right from the home page of the smartband.

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La torcia arriva su Mi Band 6: ecco come averla ed usarla

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