A few years ago, when Microsoft launched Windows 10, it wanted to offer this grind for both computers and smartphones. But unfortunately, smartphones under Windows did not seduce the crowds. And that led the Redmond firm to completely abandon the mobile version of Windows.

Today, Microsoft is more pragmatic. It knows that it can no longer compete with Android and iOS. Also, its smartphone, the Surface Duo, does not use Windows, but Google’s operating system.

On the other hand, although the Surface Duo was not a hit, rumors are already circulating about a second Android smartphone, which could be called Surface Duo 2. An unofficial source has even already posted a video showing what this Surface Duo 2 might look like.

In the video below, YouTube channel Tech Rat says that overall, the Surface Duo 2 should be very similar to its predecessor. Like the model released in 2020, this one would have two screens, and the dimensions wouldn’t change too much. On the other hand, it seems that Microsoft has learned from its mistakes. The firm is reportedly planning to equip the Surface Duo 2 with a better camera, a high-end chip as well as an NFC module.

When this video was released a month ago, it didn’t get much media attention. But this week, the Android Central site relayed the images, “confirming” that this is indeed a Surface Duo prototype.

A more interesting spec sheet

Android Central adds that the Surface Duo 2 would have a set of three sensors on the back: an ultra-wide-angle, a telephoto and a main sensor. The fingerprint scanner would be integrated with the power button. As for the specs, the Surface Duo 2 is said to use the Snapdragon 888 processor. The release would be scheduled for September or October.

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Of course, for the moment, all this information is still unofficial. And thus, caution is required. However, if these are accurate, it would mean that Microsoft plans to rectify the flop of the first model in 2020.

Indeed, the Surface Duo was an innovative smartphone. And the fact that it was an Android-powered device with two screens produced by Microsoft helped to create a buzz.

Nevertheless, compared to other flagships, the Surface Duo did not make the cut. And that’s because its spec sheet was too modest for a 2020 high-end. Yet, its price was high.

So with the Surface Duo 2, Microsoft could fix that by equipping the smartphone with the same chip as models like the OnePlus 9 or the Galaxy S21</a>. Also, the camera could offer image quality comparable to what we have on other premium models of 2021.