Ferrari announced in a presentation to investors that its car lineup will be 60 percent electrified by 2026, including the electric vehicle it promised last year. At that point, 40 percent of its cars will be combustion cars and 60 percent will be hybrid or all-electric. The ultimate goal is to become carbon neutral by 2030, but even then it will continue to develop internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

By 2026 Ferrari will offer “three powertrains with distinctive driving emotions,” the company said. It will borrow hybrid powertrain technology from its F1 and other racing experiences, while its electric motors will be “designed, handcrafted and assembled in Maranello to ensure a unique driving experience also derived from racing solutions.”

Ferrari unveiled its first production plug-in hybrid, the SF90 Stradale, in 2019. It now has four separate model lines with the Stradale and 296 GTB plug-in V6 hybrid, along with the ICE 812 Superfast V12 and Roma pure V8 models. So, in effect, half of its range is already electrified, as Autocar points out. However, this mix will soon change. The historic automaker also confirmed that the long-awaited Thoroughbred SUV will arrive in September as a pure ICE vehicle.

As for the EV coming in 2025, Ferrari aims to have “strong commonalities” with its current combustion engines:

The first electric Ferrari will be rooted in our automotive heritage and will draw from a wider technical reservoir while preserving all its authenticity and consistency. It will be truly unique in many different ways

The batteries will also be assembled by Ferrari in Maranello in a dedicated e-building facility “where electric motors, inverters and batteries will be designed, handcrafted and assembled.” The automotive giant also revealed that it would limit autonomous driving range to “Level 2/2+.” It spent the last word on connectivity, which will be provided to enhance the owner experience and customer relationship.

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