References to integration with Apple’s Health app have been spotted in Facebook’s Oculus Move app, a completion that could allow users to save workout data generated by Oculus Move, the fitness tracker for Quest viewers.

Bloomberg reports that Facebook is experimenting with the possibility of synchronizing Oculus Move data with Apple’s Health app. Users could also view information saved in the Health app on the Oculus VR viewer.

Introduced last year, Oculus Move is an app for the Oculus Quest ecosystem of visors designed for home fitness, tracking movement, blending play and motion, with the goal of turning fatigue into challenge and fun.

Oculus Move asks you to enter data such as gender, height, weight and date of birth, allowing you to indicate minimum exercise times and targets on the calories you want to lose. You can create daily and weekly routines, and the app highlights your consumption in real time in a dashboard that can be called up from the user library. Some Oculus apps can display real-time statistics in the same way you can with the Apple Watch and Apple TV using the Apple Fitness+ service.

Facebook studia la possibilità di integrare l’Oculus con Salute di AppleFacebook studia la possibilità di integrare l’Oculus con Salute di AppleDashbord of Oculus Move

Apple’s Health app already supports various accessories. You can set apps and accessories (smart scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, blood glucose meters) to send data to the Health app, enter data yourself, and change how the Health app prioritizes data from these sources. Even with fitness trackers like Fitbit’s, you can save data to Health using third-party apps.

Apple’s preferred method of getting information about a user’s movements, figuring out how long they exercise, stand or rest, measuring their rexpiratory during sleep, etc. is to use the Apple Watch, offering third parties integration with technologies like HealthKit and GymKit. It’s unclear if Oculus Move will take advantage of HealthKit but it’s very likely.

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