What level of exposure to electromagnetic waves do we face when we take the Paris metro, now full of mobile antennas? This is the answer that the ANFR answers, in a very reassuring way, with its latest study.

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Parisian metro users have been waiting a long time before being able to use their phones in good conditions during their daily journeys. In recent years, operators have deployed their antennas everywhere and the 4G connection is now much more satisfactory. The National Agency for Frequencies (ANFR) has therefore taken an interest in the exposure to electromagnetic waves of the public frequenting the metro.

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It conducted a vast survey punctuated by numerous measurements on more than 150 Parisian metro stops in 121 stations, between 2019 and 2020. Its conclusions are reassuring since on average, the exposure level measured is 1.22 V/m, while the regulations in force provide for maximum thresholds set between 28 and 87 V/m. Half of the results obtained were even lower than 0.95 V/m and 90% of the measurements remained below 2.11 V/m. The 4G network was not the only one to be measured, as the ANFR included 3G and even 2G infrastructures in its survey.

A measurement of the highest exposure levels

In almost all cases, mobile telephony is the main source of exposure, with other services (radio, television, wifi, PMR beacons, etc.) contributing very marginally, due in particular to the underground environment for most of the measurement points, adds ANFR in its press release.

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It is also specified that if the study is essentially interested in these 150 measurement points, nearly 3,000 readings were taken in total to identify the most exposed points of each station, according to the chosen methodology. Taking into account all the measurements taken, the average exposure level falls to 0.55 V/m, which shows that “exposure decreases very quickly as soon as one moves away from the antenna”.