The DuckDuckGo search engine, well known for its respect of users’ privacy, is working on a Mac version of its browser and should offer it on Windows later.

DuckDuckGo is a small village of diehards who are trying to fight against the Gafams who are sucking up our data at every turn. This search engine created in 2008 sets the tone as soon as you arrive on its page: “Tired of being tracked online? We can help.” The promise made to users is indeed not to track them, not to record their searches nor their IP address, all in a secure and free way. If we lose a little in search efficiency compared to an engine like Google, we clearly gain on the privacy side.

DuckDuckGo takes over computers

Building on the success of its mobile browser (the most downloaded search engine on Android and number 2 on iOS, according to the company), DuckDuckGo is on its way to conquer our computers. While it already offers the possibility to search through its online engine or through web extensions, it does not yet have a dedicated browser on Mac and PC. The publisher is working on it and a beta version (closed) of its application is already available on macOS. The creator of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, confirmed in a tweet that the version for Windows is also under development.

Data protection without compromise

According to him, the goal is still the same, namely to offer a desktop web browser “that offers robust privacy by default, across searches, browsing, emails and more. This will not be a fork (software created from the source code of another) of Chromium, but a native application from the development tools of macOS and Windows. The advantage is that DuckDuckGo will start from a sound and unadorned base, which will ensure that it runs smoothly.

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