The alarm clock rings, you get up and go to the bathroom to put on some makeup. You slide your mascara across your eyelashes with difficulty because you can see yourself far away in the mirror. Your lipstick has rolled off and gone into the toilet. In the mess you’re unable to find your moisturiser. Your flatmate is banging on the door because he wants to take a shower now. If you had a dresser, all this wouldn’t have happened.

How could a vanity save you all this hassle? With a vanity you have a beauty centre all to yourself. Here you can comfortably and clearly sit down and apply your make-up. You’ll also avoid losing your products, as you’ll be able to organise them all in drawers or on shelves. Read our article to discover this useful piece of furniture.

The most important thing

  • A dressing table can be an exclusive beauty centre where you can apply make-up, treat yourself and pamper yourself on a daily basis. If you are a make-up enthusiast, a dressing table is sure to match your needs and your personality.
  • Before you buy a dressing table, you have to consider where you are going to put it, what style it will match with the rest of your house, what size suits you and what is the best material according to the circumstances of your home.
  • When choosing a dressing table you should consider whether it has drawers or shelves, integrated lights or legs. You can also turn a piece of furniture and space in your home into a dressing table by adding compartments and mirrors.

The best dressing tables on the market: Our recommendations

Here’s a selection of products to help you choose the best dressing table for your room space, storage needs and style preference. Read our list of dressers with a wide range of features to make the best smart purchase.

The best compact vanity

This brand dedicated entirely to dressing tables presents us with a very functional product. Its white, sleek and classic design fits in anywhere and blends well with all colors. It contains up to 7 drawers with dividers in which you can keep all your cosmetics organized by categories.

It also comes with a comfortable stool with matching foam seat and the mirror is height adjustable. Users rave about how great it looks in their room, how practical it is and how easy it is to assemble.

The best children’s dressing table

This colourful little dresser will become your little one’s favourite toy. Its floral and unicorn decorations will transport her to a fantasy world where she can express her creativity. Recommended for ages 3 and up. It comes with a stool and a kit of accessories such as hairpins, headbands, hair curlers, etc.

Parents write that their daughters received the gift with great enthusiasm and that they have a lot of fun with it and the assortment of accessories it includes. They also say that, despite being made of plastic, the mirror looks totally clear.

The best dressing table for small spaces

It is a very sober, neutral and sophisticated dressing table. It has a very ergonomic functionality is its tactile LED light in the mirror, with up to three lighting modes. It is only 60 cm wide, so it is very easy to use.

ideal if you do not have much space in your room. It comes with a stool included and a large drawer divided into compartments.

Buyers love its value for money, varied lighting and style. It’s also easy to assemble. Just screw the legs and mirror to the table and you’re ready to go. Without a doubt, this very small vanity surpasses other larger vanities in performance.

The best corner dressing table

A corner dressing table is the best way to make the most of a space that we would otherwise give up for lost. It comes with three built-in mirrors that give you a panoramic view at three different angles for a more thorough makeover from multiple perspectives.

It comes with five drawers and includes a padded stool. Customers praise its aesthetics, stability and the service provided by the supplier.

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The best vintage


If you want to add an extra touch of class to your home by buying furniture with one foot in the past and one in the future, this dresser is your best option. Its mahogany finish, its structure, its engraved drawers and its brass-like handles radiate majesty and grandeur.

Beyond its aesthetics, it comes with a matching padded stool and 4 drawers with dividers. Reviews mention its sturdiness, its easy assembly, its finish and the spaciousness of its drawers.

Shopping guide: What you need to know about the dressing table

Next, we will answer some common questions that arise when it comes to choosing a dressing table. Before you decide to buy a product, you should consider whether you’re making a smart purchase and whether you really need it.

tocador de mujer tocador de mujer Just like a filing cabinet keeps documents in order, a vanity will keep all your beauty products organized (Source: pixel-shot: 15332993/freepik)

Why would you want a vanity?

At its most practical, a vanity is a special corner of your home dedicated to your makeup session, skincare and facial care. You can keep all your cosmetics, creams, oils and utensils well organised and tidy in compartments.

In their most aesthetic facet, dressing tables usually provide

An additional touch of colour and elegance to a room as a whole. We show you this table to help you think about whether you should buy a dressing table


Yes, you do You don’t need it
You don’t have a very comfortable space at home to do your make-up. You already have a comfortable enough beauty space of your own set up.
You love makeup and accumulate a wide range of beauty products. You use very few cosmetics and your beauty routine is minimal.
You live in company and don’t have enough personal space outside your bedroom.

Where can you place a dressing table?

As a general rule, you’ll want to place your vanity near a window to take advantage of natural light. Depending on the configuration of your home and its circumstances, you can incorporate a dressing table in different rooms:

  • Bedroom: If you live with someone and you often overlap when using the bathroom, it’s best to have a personal makeup sanctuary in your bedroom. This way, the bathroom won’t be so crowded. This is the most common location for a vanity.
  • Bathroom: If your bathroom is spacious and is your favorite place to do your makeup, you can arrange for a vanity. This way, you’ll have all your grooming tools close at hand and you can treat your skin and apply makeup immediately after getting out of the shower.
  • Dressing room: Not everyone has the privilege of setting aside an entire room to store clothes and get ready, but if this is your case you can add a dressing table to merge your dressing routine with your make-up routine.
  • Children’s room: To make her feel like a princess, you can buy her a children’s dresser.
  • Corner: This location is reserved for a triangular corner vanity. You can place it in the corner of any room, taking advantage of this space that is often unusable due to its geometry.

What sizes to choose for a dressing table?

The most important thing when it comes to the size of a dressing table is its width. If your main priority is to save space, then we will opt for a smaller dressing table. A dressing table between 70 and 80 cm wide is ideal for a small room.

If, on the other hand, your room is spacious and you want to have a more functional dressing table, you can look for one that is more than 100 cm wide. Also, if you want to use it as a dressing table and make it more ergonomic, you should choose one that is around 40 cm deep.

Dressing table, bedside table or chest of drawers?

Three similar and complementary pieces of furniture, but with different functions. As we know, a bedside table next to our bed is useful to place our personal belongings before going to sleep. On the other hand, a chest of drawers is a wardrobe with drawers to store, normally, bath and bed linen.

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Depending on their functionality, bedside tables can also have ample storage space in drawers. A simple dresser, with drawers and shelves and next to the bed, can be used as a bedside dresser.

It should serve three functions: support, storage and beauty center.

If you live in a small house, it would be very useful to buy a suitable dressing table that can fulfil these three functions to save as much space as possible and avoid redundant purchases.

At the same time, we can convert a bedside table into a dressing table. If your bedside table is large enough and has enough space for you to comfortably place your legs when you sit down, you can hang a mirror at the height of your face on the wall to apply your make-up.

What other elements can accompany a dressing table?

We already have in mind what dressing table we are going to buy. So, what other items could help us to make our dressing table more complete? Here we list a series of elements to do so:

  • Boxes: These are especially useful if your vanity doesn’t have drawers. With small boxes with or without lids we can keep our beauty products tidy in different compartments.
  • Wastebasket: You can put a small wastebasket under or next to the vanity to dispose of your waste, especially when removing your make-up.
  • Hook: On one of the walls next to the vanity you can nail a hook to hang, for example, a towel to wipe your face with during your beauty routine.
  • Small magnifying mirror: It can be a table mirror, come with screws or a suction cup attached to the wall. This gadget complements your vanity to treat and make up every pore of your skin.
  • Seat: Obviously we need a comfortable seat to apply make-up. It should be ergonomic enough to make our back feel comfortable. There are many offers that sell a dressing table and matching stool for a reasonable price.

tocador de cuarto clasicotocador de cuarto clasico You can easily adapt a nightstand to transform it into your perfect dressing table according to what you need (Source: Виктория Бородинова: 4508291/ Pixabay)

Buying Criteria

Before buying your ideal dressing table you should contemplate some factors that differentiate some dressing tables from others. These may depend on the circumstances of your room, your tastes and your needs in terms of space utilization.



choosing our furniture, it is of utmost importance that we know the material they are made of to avoid surprises. In the case of

of dressing tables are usually made of wood. There are many types of wood with very different characteristics. Here we show you the different types of wood:

  • Pine: It is not very durable, sensitive to scratches and fungus.
  • Oak: Hard, resistant to fungus and humidity.
  • Acacia: Moisture resistant and resistant to fungus and insects.
  • Handle: It has an eye-catching finish and is hard-wearing.
  • Pauwlonia: Vintagefinish.
  • Mahogany: It is light and resistant to fungus, humidity and insects.
  • Bamboo: It is very hard and resistant.
  • MDF: It does not warp or crack. If it is not waterproofed it is affected by humidity.
  • Chipboard: Low resistance and durability. If it is not waterproofed it is affected by humidity.

Although wood is the most common material for dressing tables, they also usually include metal parts such as legs. Metals are very resistant and hard materials, but they are susceptible to rust. On the other hand, children’s dressers are often made of plastic.


If your room is very small and you want to make the most of every inch of space, then it’s best to buy a functional dresser with shelves or drawers. This way, you can use your day-to-day beauty center to store other belongings if you need them.

If you can’t find a compact vanity that includes storage compartments, opt to store your products in boxes or toiletry bags to keep everything neat and tidy. Some dressers come with a special compartment to hide the mirror so that the dresser becomes a normal table.

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Most dressing tables come with wooden or metal legs to support them. However, for those who love minimalism, there are also dressing tables that are attached to the wall without any floor support.

A vanity without legs is an avant-garde alternative that makes the most of the space. When you sit in front of it you can position your legs as you like, as there are no legs to impede any movement. The disadvantages of this vanity are its installation on the wall and the difficulty in relocating the vanity.

chica en tocador de cuarto chica en tocador de cuarto You can find dressing tables with round or rectangular mirrors. (Source: makistock: 16099422/freepik)


If your cuaIf it is very bright and you only plan to use the vanity during the day, then you don’t need to look for a vanity with lights. If, on the other hand, you are going to use it later in the day in a dimly lit corner, then you can buy a vanity that comes with its own lighting system.

In some cases, the lights built into a vanity consist of a frame of light bulbs that surround the mirror. This is called a dressing table. Apart from being practical, it gives your room a movie diva effect that will make you feel like a real femme fatale as you apply your make-up in front of the dressing table before a night out.


Although it may seem counterproductive, there are dressing tables on sale that don’t have a mirror. This has the advantage that you can choose the mirror yourself. However, it does cost more money and time. That’s why we recommend that you buy a vanity with a good mirror built into its frame, with or without a frame.

You can find dressing tables with round or rectangular mirrors. Round mirrors can be more elegant, but rectangular mirrors offer a wider field of vision. Some dressing tables have up to three mirrors so you can apply your make-up from different angles without missing a single detail.


The first piece of advice we can give you in this respect is to choose harmonious colour combinations, matching the walls and the rest of the furniture in the room to maintain a uniform style. White usually goes well with everything. If you are thinking of choosing a more daring combination, you can consult a chromatic circle.

Beyond the color, we can distinguish some styles in the offer of dressing tables:

  • Modern: We can say that this is the standard finish dressing table of our times. Varnished wood, simple look, smooth, undecorated, thin legs and geometric figures.
  • Antique: Worthy of an antique shop. Nowadays restored dressers with several centuries behind them are sold. Made of walnut, cherry or cedar wood, they usually have a deep brown wood color. They usually contain engravings or baroque elements.
  • Vintage: Vintage fashion has not only taken off in clothing, but also in furniture. These dressing tables are, paradoxically, the most contemporary. They incorporate an intentionally aged finish and some baroque elements in their structure that inspire a certain nostalgia for the past.


As we have seen, you can find the perfect dressing table by asking yourself a series of questions: how much space do I need? Where to place it? How to save more space? We’ve also told you about the different materials used, the importance of lighting, the practicality of drawers and some styles that harmonise with your room.

We hope this information has helped you to visualise your ideal dressing table, which will be a faithful friend in your beauty routine for many years to come. If you liked the article, leave a comment and share it on your networks, maybe someone around you will also be interested in buying a dressing table!

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