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You know, the world of cryptocurrencies is strange and ambiguous: on the other hand it is making many people earn money, on the other hand it is extremely volatile ergo risky. But for some time now, there are those among the big companies who are showing a willingness to clear customs and accept them. For example, it is possible to pay in Bitcoin on the stores of Microsoft, Expedia, Shopify and others. For the moment, the list is still small, but it will surely expand over the years, as evidenced by the openness that Xiaomi has sponsored on its social media.

Update 06/08: Xiaomi has released an official statement in which it denies the news circulated by Portuguese channels. You can find all the details at the end of the article.

Xiaomi wants to make its customers pay with cryptocurrencies

On the day of August 4, in fact, the following post appeared on the Facebook page of Xiaomi Portugal:

If you thought the Mi Store Portugal couldn’t amaze you anymore, here comes some news that you’ll want to comment on with all your #gadgetfriends! From now on, buying from Mi Store Portugal is more inclusive and complete because you can buy your favorite gadgets using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dash or Utrust Tokens. Amazing isn’t it?”

This is great news for everyone who owns cryptocurrencies, but also for those who are considering buying them. As long as it wasn’t possible to use them in the real world, essentially cryptos were used solely as a source of income along the lines of financial stocks. But the moment they enter the real-world payment circuit, that’s when everything changes. However, going to look for the post on the Facebook page is no longer there: that Xiaomi Portugal has changed his mind and removed the post.

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xiaomi pagamento criptovalutexiaomi pagamento criptovalute

So it would seem, because trying to make a purchase on the online store of Xiaomi Portugal does not appear any of the aforementioned cryptocurrency. At this point, the options are two: either Xiaomi has anticipated the timing by mistake, publishing a post that should have been public later, or has changed his mind abruptly. And it wouldn’t be surprising: the same thing happened recently with Tesla, which in a matter of days went from saying it wanted to accept Bitcoins to rejecting them from its platform as “not very green”.

Official statement | Update 15:00After

the news appeared on the net, Xiaomi has issued an official statement to clarify the situation


It has come to our attention that on a social media platform, Mi Store Portugal has posted information about accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method on their channel .Xiaomi Corporation would like to clarify that Mi Store Portugal and associated social channels are operated by a third-party store. While we respect and understand the legitimate operational autonomy of third-party stores, the decision to accept cryptocurrencies was made without our knowledge and has no bearing on Xiaomi Corporation.”

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