A new game from Devolver Digital always deserves some attention, and Death’s Door is no exception to the rule: the title is now getting a new trailer punctuated with nice sentences from the English-speaking press.

When a game is successful and the reviews are favorable, its publisher likes to let people know with a trailer specially designed for it: this is exactly the case for the great Death’s

Door, released a few days ago and which has received some very nice opinions from some English-speaking magazines.

As a reminder, it’s an adventure game, a Zelda-like, where you play as a raven in charge of harvesting the souls of the deceased, embarked on a journey that will take him out of his daily routine. A work signed by Acid Nerve, a British studio composed of only two people, to whom we already owe games like Titans Souls or Game Jams.

Death’s Door

has already been released on July 20th on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. ‘ Profil de Max_Cagnard,  Jeuxvideo.com By Max_Cagnard, jeuxvideo.com



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