For several months now, we have been reporting on major cyber attacks

that have made the news. In France, some companies, but also local authorities and hospitals, have been the victims. Awareness is also very high in the United States where the Darkside group managed to disable the Colonial Pipeline network which supplies 45% of the fuel consumed on the East Coast.

An explosion of attacks was recorded in 2020

But cybercrime is also embodied in the daily life of thousands of smaller attacks that can hit each

of us.

To see more clearly, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the branch of the FBI in charge of these cases, has just published its annual report.

In 2020, 791,790 cybercrime incidents were recorded in the United States, which is an absolute record since the launch of this report. In all, 4.2 billion dollars worth of damage was recorded by the American federal police.

In detail, the report mentions a rise in identity theft, with a 45% increase over one year. The compromise of business emails, which often allows the deployment of ransomware, brings in more than 90,000 dollars on average when an attack is successful. Phishing of individuals is also very prolific, but the revenue is much more modest: an average of $225.

More surprisingly, the likelihood of being hacked also increases dramatically with age. The losses of the over-fifties are also much higher: more than $9,000 on average for the latter, compared to just over $3,000 for those under 20.

These results can be explained by a better knowledge of the risks among the youngest compared to their elders, but also and above all by a difference in their respective wealth levels. In any case, it has never been so necessary to protect yourself with an antivirus solution adapted to your situation. You can find our complete guide

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