As the undisputed leader of the smartphone market, Samsung has to keep up with the onslaught of its competitors. At the top end of the market, Apple and Huawei are becoming increasingly relevant, while Chinese manufacturers are invading the mid-range segment. To help you understand the Korean’s range, below is our comparison to find the best Samsung smartphone to buy in 2020.

Samsung needs to stay the course and maintain its innovative brand image. With its new folding smartphones, the Korean is showing the extent of its expertise – but we’re only at the beginning of this new era. In the meantime, choosing a smartphone from Samsung’s extensive catalogue is no easy task. To help you out, we’ve put together a comparison that takes into account your budget and needs. There’s something for every taste and every price. We’ve tested all the products in this guide except for the Galaxy Z Flip

, which we’ve only tested in person. Ranking of the best Samsung smartphones in 2021

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy S21 and S21+
  • Galaxy A72
  • Galaxy A52
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Z Flip

Galaxy S21 Ultra: the behemoth

Unveiled in early 2021, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most massive


Samsung’s new premium smartphone range

. Beyond its behemoth dimensions, it brings together the best technology of the Korean. Its 6.8-inch display, for one, is based on Super AMOLED technology with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. As always, Samsung demonstrates its mastery of AMOLED and offers probably the most beautiful screen on the market today.

Under the hood, the Exynos 2100 chip, accompanied by 12 to 16 GB of RAM, ensures high performance. The smartphone’s large form factor allows it to pack a generous 5,000mAh battery, so you can see what’s coming. Like its predecessors, the S21 Ultra is compatible with fast, wireless and reverse charging.

The S21 Ultra is best known for its photography skills. Samsung has gone all out by integrating a quadruple module consisting of a wide-angle 108-megapixel sensor. It is accompanied by an ultra wide-angle (12 MP sensor) and two telephoto lenses. The first is a 240mm periscope lens that can shoot with a 10x optical zoom. The second is a 70mm telephoto lens that can achieve a 3x optical zoom.

This photo module also allows the Galaxy S21 Ultra to shine in video since it can shoot up to 8K at 30 fps. All of this is sprinkled with artificial intelligence and numerous shooting modes making the

Galaxy S21 Ultra one of the best photophones of the market at the moment.

You will have understood, the S21 Ultra embodies the top of the top at Samsung. Without great surprise, it is sold at a golden price (from 1 259 euros). It is thus reserved for a public with comfortable finances.

Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB best price Base price: €1,259

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Galaxy S21 and S21+: more affordable excellence

Unveiled at the same time as the S21 Ultra, the S21 and its Plus version differ mainly in size. The smaller of the two has a 6.2-inch screen, while the larger one is 6.7 inches. Although more affordable than the Ultra model, these two devices are still premium models in our comparison of Samsung smartphones,

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They include as such almost the same technologies as the super star of Samsung. Exynos 2100, Super AMOLED screen with 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate, new photo module, everything is there. Or almost. Samsung has made some sacrifices to lower the selling price of the S21 and S21+.

The first, anecdotal, is related to the computing power. While the Ultra model can integrate up to 16 GB of RAM, the S21 and S21+ have to “make do” with 8 GB of RAM. In practice, you don’t really feel the difference.

Smaller, the S21 and the S21+ integrate less voluminous batteries (logical): 4 500 mAh for the S20+ and 4 000 mAh for the S20. Samsung thus remains generous on this side. The two models are also compatible with all types of recharge.

Finally, apart from the plastic coating of the S21, the main difference between the Ultra model and its brothers is in the photo module. Both the S21 and the S21+ have the same hardware, namely:

  • a 26mm wide-angle lens (f/1.8); 12MPls sensor (1/1.76″; 1.8µm photosite); Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS
  • 13mm ultra-wide angle lens (f/2.2): 120° field of view; 12MPls sensor (1/2.55″; 1.4µm photosite)
  • a 29mm telephoto lens (f/2); 64MPls sensor (1/172″; 0.8µm photosite); PDAF, OIS

Technically, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is better than its brothers on some criteria, but in general the S21 and S21+ remain excellent photophones. They can also shoot up to 8K at 30fps, like the Ultra version.

The big advantage of the Galaxy S21 and S21+ is their price. Count 859 euros for the S21. The S21+ starts at 1,059 euros for the same 8/128 GB version. These prices are still high but more in line with the rest of the market. They still belong to the premium range of Samsung, and are therefore in our comparison among the most expensive.

Galaxy S21 128GB best price Base price: €859

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Galaxy S21+ 128GB best price Base price: €1,059

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Galaxy A72: almost like the big boys

galaxy a72 hands on ecrangalaxy a72 hands on ecran

© Press-Kitron

Jostled by Chinese competitors in the mid-range segment, Samsung has completely overhauled its Galaxy A range. After a great 2019, the Korean confirmed in 2020 with two new models, including the Galaxy A71.

Samsung repeats and launches this year the Galaxy A72. The manufacturer seems to have learned from the past and delivers a particularly attractive smartphone, complete and intelligently designed. Thus, if it makes some savings on the chip, the Korean provides enough power to its Galaxy A72 for an intense daily use.

It uses its know-how to integrate a very successful 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-O (with center punch) display. It’s arguably among the best in its segment – and an excellent compromise in our comparison to buy a Samsung. Enduring, the Galaxy A72 is also compatible with fast charging and is IP67 certified (water and dust resistant).

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Finally, the A72 comes with a quadruple camera sensor, which is rare on a model sold for less than 500 euros. And Samsung is still generous since the module is composed of :

  • a wide-angle (f/1.8); 64 MP sensor with optical stabilization
  • an ultra-wide angle (f/2.2); 12MP sensor
  • a macro lens (f/2.4); 5MPL sensor
  • a telephoto lens (f/2.4); 8MPL sensor; 3x optical zoom

Finally, only wireless charging is missing. Samsung logically reserves these technologies to its premium models. But for 479 euros, these absences are quickly forgotten. It is thus probably one of the best Samsung smartphones of our comparison in terms of value for money.

Galaxy A72 best price Base price: €479

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Galaxy A52: small but strong

galaxy a52 5g prise en maingalaxy a52 5g prise en main


Take a Galaxy A72, for example, andPut it in a press and you’ll get a Samsung Galaxy A52. Aesthetically, the two models are very similar. The A52 stands out because of its more compact size and therefore its smaller 6.5-inch screen. Technically, the panels are identical.

Under the hood, Samsung opts for a Snapdragon 720G chip (Snapdragon 750G for the 5G version) but the difference in performance is not obvious. Remember that the Galaxy A52 is powerful enough to handle intensive use. Only gamers will feel a little frustration with the most demanding licenses.

Like the A72, the A52 is durable and can recharge quickly. It also incorporates a quadruple photo sensor but with slightly different lenses:

  • a wide-angle (f/1,8); sensor of 64 Mpxls with optical stabilization
  • an ultra-wide angle (f/2.2); sensor of 12 Mpxls
  • a macro lens (f/2.4); 5MPls sensor
  • a 5MP depth of field sensor; f/2.4 lens aperture

Overall, the A512 is equally effective in both photo and video. The macro mode brings a touch of originality, as on the A72.

Finally, the A52 stands out from the A72 with its size. Easier to use with one hand, it will appeal more to those looking for a more compact model. Offered from 379 euros (against 449 euros for the 5G version), its price could finish convincing you. This is probably the product of this comparison that Samsung will sell the most this year.

Galaxy A52 best price Base price: €379

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Galaxy A52 5G best price Base price: €449

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: the most stylish

Do we really need to introduce the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra? Samsung continues to bet on a smartphone equipped with a stylus. We either hate it or we love it. Either way, the Korean brand has done a great job with the Note 20 Ultra. Its resolutely high-end glass design seduces at first glance. The same can’t be said for the Note 20, which is covered in a plastic back, a real disappointment for a smartphone priced at over 1,000 euros.

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Launched in September 2020, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra brings together the best of what Samsung can do. Very good in all areas (performance, autonomy, photo quality, software, fast charging, wireless, reverse) it still suffers from a big lack of autonomy. Note also that its dimensions make it a giant model that will require a two-handed use.

Sold for more than 1,000 euros at its release, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the most premium smartphones on the market. But as time goes by, it’s arguably the most interesting premium smartphone from Samsung in this comparison.

Galaxy Note 10+ at the best price Base price: €1,109

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Galaxy Note 10 best price Base price: €959

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Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip: and fold is everything

Like to be on the cutting edge of innovation? Samsung has something for you. Last year, the Korean company launched the Galaxy Fold, its first folding smartphone. At the beginning of 2020 it did it again with the Galaxy Z Flip, a model with a very different format. At the end of 2020, it did it again with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, probably the most successful model of the manufacturer.

With this smartphone, Samsung takes the good ingredients of the first Fold and improves all the most criticized points. The front screen now covers almost the entire front and the huge notch inside disappears. Of course, the rest of the specs have been updated. In short, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a little gem of technology. Of course, its price is soaring: count 2020 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Z FlipSamsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip / © Samsung

If the Galaxy Fold 2 is defined as a tablet that you fold up to put in your pocket, the Z Flip is a folding smartphone in the true sense of the word. Unfolded, it’s a smartphone, folded it’s… nothing. With this new concept, Samsung (like Motorola with its Razr) is reviving the clamshell phone trend while mixing nostalgia and modernity.

If technically these two folding models are very good, they do not reach the level of excellence of their brothers designed in a standard format. A way for Samsung to avoid blowing up the already expensive bill. The Galaxy Fold is sold for 2,020 euros, while the Z Flip will cost you 1,499 euros. Yes, innovation comes at a price.

Galaxy Z Flip best price Base price: €1,500

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Galaxy Z Fold2 best price Prix base price: €2,020

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So now you know everything about the most interesting Samsung smartphones right now. Of course, we’ll update this guide as new models are released. So, which Samsung smartphone appeals to you the most? Which one would you like to buy in 2021? Feel free to post your desires in the comments of our comparison guide.