We have all heard of coffee powder. This product has contributed to the fact that coffee has become an accessible beverage for everyone, and can be prepared in just a few minutes. However, there are a series of myths and truths that have generated a debate between those who prefer traditional coffee or a powdered one.

In this article, we will analyze in depth everything you should know about powdered coffee, its health benefits, the types that exist and what are its differences with coffee beans. You will find all this and much more below. Let’s get started!

The most important thing

  • Coffee powder offers the convenience of being prepared in less time than coffee beans. In addition to its grinding and crushing, it goes through a roasting process that preserves its original aroma and flavor.
  • Powdered coffee has the same health benefits as conventional coffee. In addition, two types can be found: ground and instant.
  • It is important to measure the amount of powdered coffee we consume. At the same time, you should analyze certain purchase criteria that can make you decide for one coffee option or another.

The Best Powdered Coffees on the Market: Our Recommendations

Next, we present our recommendation of the best powdered coffees that you can find in the market. As parameters for the making of this list, we analyzed their different characteristics and the evaluation of their users, without losing sight of the diversity of options. Take a look.

The best roasted ground coffee powder

This ground coffee powder is ideal if you like to start your day with a good cup of coffee. It has gone through a medium roasting process, which gives it caramelized notes in its flavor and a good body. To prepare it, you will need an Italian, filter or espresso coffee maker.

Its users highlight, above all, the aroma and intense flavor, but at the same time soft. They also highlight that it has an excellent quality-price ratio, as it is a quality coffee at a much lower price than others.

The best instant-natural coffee powder

This 100% natural instant coffee, thanks to its packaging in a protective atmosphere, allows it to maintain its exquisite bitter and strong flavor, characteristic of robusta beans. It is, above all, ideal if you have little time and you like to enjoy a good coffee.

Its users highlight its excellent taste, unbeatable, with a bitter point and its strong aroma. Also, it dissolves perfectly, both with boiling and cold water.

The best natural ground coffee powder

This presentation of natural roasted ground coffee powder (250 gr) is ideal for any time of the day. With an exquisite taste of Arabica beans, with an aromatic and balanced fragrance, it requires a filter or Italian coffee maker for its preparation.

Its particular taste and smell is what its users have highlighted the most. Likewise, they highlight its quality-price ratio, which makes it a quality coffee accessible to anyone.

The best espressopowdered ground coffee

This presentation includes three

250 g packets of ground espresso coffee. It is ground from 100% Arabica coffee beans and has an aroma with hints of dried fruits and nuts, as well as an exquisitely balanced taste. This coffee powder is ideal for creating espressos

, thanks to the fineness with which the beans have been ground.

Those who have tasted it highlight, above all, its balanced and creamy flavor, ideal for those who prefer coffees that are not very bitter. On the other hand, they highlight that it has an extremely pleasant and exquisite fragrance.

The best instant decaffeinated coffee powder

This coffee is presented in a 200g package. It has a quality aroma and flavor, thanks to the fine selection of robusta beans and its delicate roasting. On the other hand, it has the characteristic of being decaffeinated, ideal for hypertensive people. With this instant coffee, you can have an exquisite cup of coffee in less than 1 minute.

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Its consumers highlight, above all, being able to enjoy a good cup of coffee without having to compromise their blood pressure. They also highlight its excellent quality-price ratio as a point in its favour.

Buying Guide: What you should know about coffee powder

Coffee powder is a product that has come to revolutionize the way in which we consume this beverage. Not only because of its ease of preparation, but also because of its affordability. In spite of this, there are some characteristics that people are not usually aware of. Below, we explain everything you should know about it.

The coffee bean goes through a grinding process to be transformed into coffee powder. (Source: Zhenina: 4252678/ pexels)

What is coffee powder?

Coffee powder is the result of grinding and milling coffee beans. In this process, the green beans (also known as gold) go through a process called roasting, by which the beans are roasted by heat, without losing their original aroma and flavor. Afterwards, they are taken to the mill, where they are crushed until they are reduced to fine particles of coffee powder and, finally, packaged for consumption or sale (1).

The consumption of coffee powder has become popular, thanks to the industrialization of this beverage in the last decades, making it available to all those who do not have their own coffee grinder.

What is the difference between coffee beans and coffee powder?

In its essence, a coffee powder is the same as coffee beans. There are, however, atThe main differences are in the production process to which they have been subjected. These are mainly concentrated in the production process to which they have been subjected. For example, the former is roasted and pulverized, while the latter is simply roasted.

On the other hand, the raw materials used (the type of grain) are different, since the procedures and techniques are different for each product. Likewise, the taste and value of each will also vary. Below, we show you a comparative table between coffee beans and powdered coffee


Type Time Complexity Coffee waste Flavor Health Benefits Cost
Coffee Powder It tends to take more time. First you have to grind it and then process it in the coffee machine. Much more complex: you need to choose the right equipment You need to get rid of the used coffee It has a more exquisite taste because it uses arabica coffee beans and keeps its chemical constituents intact. Can be an excellent antioxidant and retains more caffeine Much more expensive
Coffee beans Takes much less time to make, since it comes already ground (may take a little longer if it’s not instant coffee powder) Not very complex to make Leaves waste if it is not instant coffee Robust coffee beans are used, so the taste can be simpler Can be an excellent antioxidant, even though it contains half the caffeine of a coffee bean It is inexpensive

What are the types of coffee powder?

Within the family of powdered coffee, there are two types: ground and instant. In this section, we will briefly explain their characteristics and main differences (2, 3):

  • Instant coffee powder: Derived from the dehydration of coffee by atomization. That is to say, after its pulverization, the remaining humidity present in the coffee powder is eliminated, so it does not need a coffee maker to be prepared.
  • Ground coffee powder: It is the roasted coffee that has been submitted to a grinding process, in which it is reduced to particles of less than 6 mm. According to the fineness of its granules, ground coffee can be coarse, medium and fine, the latter being for espresso coffee machines, the medium for filter coffee machines and the coarse ground coffee for Italian press machines.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of coffee powder?

Powdered coffee has a series of advantages linked to its preparation time and the cost of accessing this type of product. However, it also brings with it some disadvantages such as its freshness at the time of purchase. That is why, below, we present all the advantages and disadvantages that this type of coffee can bring:


  • It is economical
  • Takes less time to prepare than coffee beans.
  • May have health benefits
  • Has the same antioxidants as coffee beans


  • Tastes less exquisite than coffee beans
  • Not as fresh as freshly ground coffee beans
  • May have fewer nutrients when convertedor ground coffee in instant

What are the benefits of coffee powder on our health?

Just like regular coffee, coffee powder can have the same health benefits. However, it is important to take into consideration that this may vary depending on the process to which it has been subjected.

For example, a ground coffee powder is much purer than an instant coffee, so it can provide us with more nutrients and antioxidants. Among the benefits that coffee can offer to our health, we can find the following (4, 9):

  • Contains antioxidants
  • Has less caffeine
  • Is linked to lower rates of disease
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Improves liver health
  • Improves people’s mental health
  • Promotes longevity

Coffee powder is the result of grinding the roasted coffee bean. (Source: Evegenesis: 81363863/ 123rf)

What are the risks of coffee powder?

Just as coffee powder has certain beneficial aspects for health, it also has certain risks. Mainly because a potentially harmful chemical called “acrylamide” can be formed in the spraying process. This comes from the smoke that occurs when coffee is roasted (5).

According to a study by the European Food Safety Authority, coffee powder contains the highest levels of Acrylamide in food. However, it also concluded that the proportions of the chemical that people ingest when drinking coffee powder are too low to cause serious illness (6).

“For adults who consume moderate amounts of coffee (3-4 cups/d providing 300-400 mg/d of caffeine), there is little evidence of health risks and some evidence of health benefits (7)”

Buying Criteria

You already know the most important things about coffee powder: its benefits, the types you can find, and its potential health risks. However, when you are faced with the desire to choose a product, there are some buying criteria that you should take into account to differentiate one from another. This way, you can decide on the one that best suits your tastes. Take a look at the following aspects.


If you are a person who has little time, coffee powder is ideal for you. Mainly because it is much faster to prepare than coffee beans, since it comes ground and you only have to prepare it.

However, among the types of powdered coffee, ground coffee usually takes much longer to prepare since it needs a coffee maker to turn it into a beverage. While instant coffee takes a matter of seconds to prepare as it only requires boiling water to brew it.

We recommend that, when you are choosing between the types of coffee in po

If you are looking for a coffee maker, look for the one that best suits the time you have to prepare it.

In order to process a ground coffee, you will need a coffee maker, which can take 8-10 minutes. (Source: Darval: 53839094/ 123rf)


Coffee powder is governed by a series of standards that guarantee the quality of the product. Specifically, information is provided on the origin of the product, processing, appearance, aromas and flavor (8).

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On the other hand, the quality of coffee powder will also depend to a great extent on the type of coffee it is. Mainly because both types of coffee are made with different coffee beans and a different production process. In this sense, if we are talking about quality, you should keep an eye on the following questions:

  • Process: The process in which each type of coffee powder has been produced has a great influence on its quality. On the one hand, ground coffee is the product of the grinding of the coffee bean, so it has the same nutrients as the bean. However, instant coffee, besides being ground, goes through a process of dehydration, by which it can lose some of the nutrients of the bean.
  • Type of bean: The bean influences the aroma and flavor that the coffee powder will have. On the one hand, ground coffee is produced with Arabica coffee beans, which are more aromatic. While instant coffee is produced with robusta beans that are of inferior quality.


The coffee powder has, to a certain extent, the same taste as a coffee bean ground at the moment. The main difference in this factor is the bean used.

If Arabica coffee beans are used, they are usually of better quality and have a more pleasant aroma. On the other hand, if the beans are of the robusta type, they are usually of a lower quality, so they tend to be much more bitter and simple.


The origin of the coffee bean has a great influence on the taste and quality of the coffee powder. The truth is that if a bean comes from high altitude or very fresh areas, its quality and taste will be better, since it comes from fertile land, and will be softer and more pleasant.

However, if the coffee bean comes from warmer and lower altitude zones, it will be of lower quality. Mainly, because the cold helps maintain the flavor and nutrients of the coffee, so when produced in warmer areas, it can be more aromatic and bitter.

“Acrylamide, in foods, can cause neuronal damage and dysfunction”


The truth is that the level of acidity will depend a lot on the altitude at which the coffee has been produced. If the bean comes from areas over 9000 meters, the coffee will have a higher acidity than others from lower areas.

We recommend that when you are choosing your coffee powder, you should pay attention to its altitude, since if it does not have a high acidity level, it will have a higher acidity level than others from lower altitudes.f you are looking for a very acidic coffee, you should look for those that have been produced in low and warm areas.

Did you know that you can tell the acidity of a coffee if, when you drink it, you feel a clean sensation on your palate?


Coffee powder has become a popular way to consume coffee. Mainly because it is affordable and very convenient to prepare if you are short on time. In addition, it retains many of the characteristics and benefits of coffee beans, although it is true that it does not do so completely.

However, it is important that we consider our tastes before buying a product like this, since there is a great variety of coffee powder for all tastes. From the most bitter and aromatic coffees to the simplest and most acidic ones.

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(Featured image source: Rutchapong: 51269418/ 123rf)