That the smartphone market still has a lot of potential in terms of sales is out of the question, also due to the fact that we live in an era of consumerism where we often go into debt just to own the latest model on the market, but today I do not want to talk about that but rather the fact that despite the numbers on a global scale are positive for most of the companies that we are used to mention, in China, the home of most of the OEMs that are on the crest of the wave about the sales of their terminals, the last quarter was actually marked by a counter-trend.

In fact, smartphone shipments in China declined by 11% in the second quarter, mainly due to the decline in Huawei’s business due to the events of the US sanctions on the company that we all know. To reveal the data is the research organization IDC (International Data Corporation), which recently published the results of its analysis, which shows that Honor, a company spun off from the parent company Huawei, has entered for the first time in the Top5 of the parse, although shipments for her decreased by about 46%.


In China, smartphone sales plummet 11%, but Xiaomi still holds

its own

We’re still talking about staggering numbers of 78.1 million units shipped, which represents an 11% year-on-year drop, with Honor the leader, which at the moment is the favourite brand of Chinese buyers, with a market share of 23.8%, followed by brands such as Oppo, which has a market share of 21.1%, Xiaomi, which shipped 13.4 million units in China in the second quarter of the year, covering 17.2% of the market, and finally Apple.

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IDC said that the top four had significant year-on-year growth, but were unable to offset the sharp decline of other companies, including Huawei, which was once the leading smartphone brand in China


Among all these brands though, Xiaomi posted the highest growth at 47% year-on-year, followed by Vivo at 23.6%. OPPO grew by 17.3% while Apple recorded 17% growth in China.

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