Damage to an electrical outlet can be dangerous for your safety and that of the devices connected, but it’s a problem that can be solved by buying ATuMan ST-1, a tester that is currently offered at a discount of 12.51 euros.

This is a device a little larger than a multi-socket adapter that allows you to check the operation of the socket to which it connects in seconds: just plug it into the socket and press a button. Through the 1.72-inch LCD screen you can know the status of the wiring without having to perform any manual operation with screwdrivers and testers. It is therefore a safe system because it does not require access to the electrical panel and in a couple of seconds makes everyone feel more comfortable.

atuman st-1atuman st-1

In fact, imagine moving to a new house and connecting one of your most precious appliances or, why not, the brand new television, to one of the electrical sockets without first checking if everything is in place: it’s a matter of a moment and a power surge due to a problem in the system could damage it irreversibly. Similarly, if you go to the office or work in a factory, or you’re on holiday and you want to charge your mobile phone from the hotel socket or from the one available in the restaurant where you’re having lunch…if the socket is damaged you could “fry” your phone as soon as you connect it to the power supply.

With a device like this instead you can check on the fly if everything works fine and, at that point, proceed with the connection of the device to the power outlet. If there are no problems on the screen will appear the words “CORRECT” in large letters, otherwise the system will explain in broad terms what the problem is, for example if there are no wires connected or if the ground cable is missing, or if the ground cable is connected to the wrong side, or if the housing is electrified due to some false contact, or even if the system begins to show signs of age.

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atuman st-1atuman st-1

In short, it is a tester that everyone should have at hand. This costs 25.71 euros but at the moment thanks to the current offer lampo costs less than half: thanks to the discount of 51% you pay 12.51 euros.

Recall that among the payment methods is also available PayPal, which guarantees the ability to take advantage of PayPal purchase protection in case of need. The offer is valid while stocks last; for further information on shipping costs and times, possible charges and order management, please visit the seller’s website.