Fried foods are delicious, we all know that. However, they are not healthy at all. That’s why many people have decided to change certain eating habits, but without giving up the good taste. Is this possible? Of course! One of the elements to achieve this is the oil-free fryer.

The steam fryer works with a hot air system, which is distributed by fans to cook the food. These fryers have a cooking capacity similar to a miniature oven. The benefits are multiple: they are easy to use and clean, plus they do not release odors. And, of course, fat and cholesterol consumption is drastically reduced.

The bottom line

  • A steam fryer saves you time and reduces the amount of fats and oils you use. It also allows you to prepare a wide variety of foods.
  • In this article you will discover how easy oil-free fryers are to use and the wide variety of foods you can cook with them.
  • Choosing the right oil-less fryer requires you to pay attention to criteria such as its power, design and manufacturing material.

The best cheap oil-less fryers on the market: Our recommendations

With a steam fryer you can stick to a balanced and nutritious diet, without losing the taste of those tasty, batter-coated, fried and crispy snacks. At the same time you save time and some money by using less gas. In order to make it easy for you to choose one, we share with you our selection of the best devices, at affordable prices, available on the market today.

The best cheap 5-litre oil-less deep fryer

The Princess 182050 Family Aerofryer XXL has a 1700W power, touch panel, timer and adjustable temperature control. It has an extra large basket with a diameter of 24 cm and includes a dessert and quiche pan.

In the 5.5 litre or less category, its 5.2 litre capacity makes it an affordable choice for frying, grilling, baking and roasting. Plus, it retains the same flavor and texture as a conventional deep fryer.

The best cheap 10 litre oil-less deep fryer

The Princess 182065 Aerofryer Oven is made of stainless steel. Its power is 1500 W. It has a touch control to adjust the temperature between 40°C and 200°C and includes 1 baking tray. It also incorporates 1 rotating frying basket, 3 grill trays and 1 handle.

Those who have already used it highlight its 10 pre-programmed settings for preparing chips, dried fruit, cakes, pizza, roast chicken, meat, fish, prawns and much more.

The best cheap oil-less deep fryer with drawer or front bowl

For this category, we selected the Princess 182020 Aerofryer XL for its 3.2 litre volume, which will allow you to prepare 5 portions of fries at a time. Its capacity is 1500 W and it has 8 pre-programmed settings for frying, baking, roasting, baking and toasting healthy dishes.

The manufacturer highlights some dishes that you will be able to prepare with this cooking equipment. For example, the banana cake, the mini muffins

and some fruit-filled pastries. Plus, customers are very happy with how easy it is to clean, its intuitive controls and its affordable price compared to other options on the market.

The best cheap top-opening oil-less fryer

This oil-less fryer has a 1.2kg capacity, 9 automatic programs, and 5 interchangeable accessories. It also has an intuitive touch panel. In addition, it has a physical recipe booklet with 150 recipes and an app with 300 more. For all these reasons, the Tefal Actifry Genius Snaking FZ761015 is our choice for you.

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Its main fans are people who live alone or as a couple. These users have been surprised by the delicious taste of chips, breaded, battered, vegetables and desserts when using the Tefal Actifry Genius Snaking FZ761015.

The best cheap oil free oven type deep fryer

It is a versatile cooking steam fryer, with a capacity of 11 litres and measures 46.6 x 45 x 45 x 38.6 cm (L x H x W) on the outside and 25 x 17 x 25 cm on the inside. It is suitable for 23 cm pizzas or 1.2 kg chicken. Its multifunction allows you to grill, toast, fry, dehydrate and defrost. In addition, it has 10 integrated pre-programmed settings.

In addition to the ten pre-programmed settings, you can also adjust the temperature manually between 80°C and 200°C for perfect results. Thanks to the three included grill racks, you can put many products in the oven at the same time.

Buying guide: What you need to know about cheap oil-free fryers

An oil-free fryer is a must-have in your kitchen if you’ve made the decision to live a healthier


Its advantages over options that do require the use of fats or oils, animal or vegetable, place it as one of the main trends in our lives today.

A steam fryer saves you time, in addition to reducing the amount of fats and oils you consume. (Source: Anekoho: 153803250/ 123rf)

How does an oil-less fryer work?

Its working principle is actually very simple: air circulates at high speed and heats up, while cooking the food. A steam fryer consists of a container, on which the capacity and controls for cooking time and temperature depend.

An oil-less fryer is designed to cook food evenly. However, we recommend that you check them when half of the set time has elapsed. With most models, this must be done manually.

How do I use an air fryer?

It’s actually very simple and doesn’t require you to break your head. Just follow the steps below and you’re guaranteed success:

  1. Wash, peel, cut and season to taste the food you are going to put in the fryer.
  2. Preheat the steam fryer if it has this function.
  3. Add the minimum amount of oil recommended by the manufacturer or the integrated recipe booklet.
  4. Once the steam fryer heats up, add the food, set the cooking time and temperature.
  5. Wait for the process to finish and that’s it – enjoy your delicious food!

Make sure you clean it properly when you are done using it.

What are the advantages of an oil-less fryer?

The oil-less fryer offers several advantages over those that use oil. You should take them into consideration to make the best purchase decision. Among the most important ones are:


  • You eat healthy
  • Easy to clean
  • Save energy
  • Control the temperature and cooking time
  • You avoid smoke and odors


  • The food is not really fried and the taste is different
  • They are usually more expensive
  • They take longer to cook food
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Now you know some of the advantages you can get by purchasing one of these devices.

How healthy is an oil-less fryer?

Its hot air system will allow you to make delicious treats without using fats or oils. Unless you’re looking for a fried or crispy topping, in which case you can just add a spoonful and no more.

Make sure you choose a fryer that is made of high quality materials. To do this, you’ll need to make sure it has the proper certifications. Otherwise, the food could be contaminated with plastic particles, lead or other substances hazardous to your health.

What can be cooked in a deep fryer without oil?

In general, the oil-free fryer is suitable for preparing fried foods such as chicken, fish, carrots, pumpkin and potatoes. In other words, a wide variety of meats, vegetables and root vegetables. It also works for baking and roasting.

However, there are some foods for which it is not advisable to use this electronic equipment. All those with wet batter coating could drip through the pan and damage the frying machine, as well as mess up your kitchen.

In this article you will discover how easy oil-less fryers are to use and the wide variety of foods you can cook with them. (Source: Dontree: 146545140/ 123


How long does it take to cook a deep fryer without oil?

Nowadays they come with a built-in digital recipe book with time and temperature references. However, it can also happen that this is not the case. Therefore, in the table below you will see this data for the most popular foods:

Saucer Temperature Time
French fries 190 ºC 20 min.
Battered onion rings 190 ºC 10 min.
Battered chicken strips 205 ºC 10 min.
Chicken wings 195 ºC 25 min.
Salmon fillet 175 ºC 8 min.
Prawns 190 ºC 7 min.
Broccoli 150 ºC 8 min.
Cauliflower 150 ºC 8 min.
Puff pastry pies 175 ºC 12 min.
Muffins 150 ºC 15 min.

What other options are there for cooking without oil?

Eating healthy with little or no oil doesn’t necessarily require you to buy an oil-free fryer. A non-stick frying pan is an affordable option that will give you a very similar result.

Other options for cooking without oil are: lemon juice, which enhances the flavor of the food, water mixed with spices, preventing them from sticking to the pan and the steamer to preserve the nutrients of the food. On the other hand, a gas or electric oven is ideal if you’re looking for a crispy texture and to keep the calories down.

Buying criteria

Each oil-less fryer that you can find on the market today has one or more particular features. To choose the best one you will have to pay close attention to them.

In order

to make your task easier, we suggest you go through the following list:


Consider how many people you expect to feed with what you are going to prepare in the oil-less fryer. This is because the capacity and the model you will have to buy will depend on that. In general, a household air fryer ranges from 1 to 5.5 liters, although there are some models that consider it in terms of portions or kilograms.

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Depending on the event you are going to make, there are certain recommendations to follow. For example, if it is a family gathering, it is best to select a fryer with a medium capacity, between 3 and 5 liters. On the other hand, if you want it for personal use, a 1 litre capacity will be enough.


Power is crucial when choosing a deep fryer because its power consumption and temperature are directly related to it. The higher the first one, the higher the other two will be. This will also be reflected in your electricity bill.

It is recommended that an oil-less fryer should operate at a minimum power of 2000 watts to maximize its efficiency. Also, keep in mind that they tend to take longer to cook food compared to those that use oil.

<img src=”//’%20viewBox=’0%200%20850%20563’%3E%3C/svg%3E” alt=

“” width=”850″ height=”563″ />Choosing the right oil-less fryer requires you to pay attention to criteria such as power, design and material of manufacture. (Source: Venusangel: 107041834/ 123rf)


You can find a variety of oil-less frying machines on the market to prepare baked chicken or yogurt. This is thanks to its functions such as presetting cooking times with a timer, preheating the food and keeping it warm after cooking. It can also adjust the temperature with its thermostat, as well as dehydrate and roast them.

The more functions the fryer offers, the higher the price will be. Therefore, we advise you to first define the use you intend to give it and then evaluate whether or not you want to spend the money.


In this criterion what usually weighs are preferences and personal tastes. The more comfortable and attractive it is, the more willing we will be to buy the fryer. It is key that you value the control system. That is to say, that it includes a digital display and you can watch the food while it is cooking.

With a totally opaque oil-less fryer, you will need to pay more attention to removing the pan and manually stirring the food. An automatic stirring paddle will make the process easier. However, it could also cause problems if you’re looking to prepare something more heat-sensitive.


An oil-less fryer is made of plastic or stainless steel. The former are usually cheaper when they are made of plastics of dubious quality. The stainless steel ones, on the other hand, are durable and come with a reinforced inner bowl. In addition, they are equipped with accessories such as racks and trays.

Plastic tends to break down more easily than stainless steel, particularly if we are talking about one with low integrity. For this reason, the latter is recommended.


Food is a crucial part of your daily life. Keeping it in order, healthy and balanced, can become a simple matter with the use of an oil-less fryer. This will leave you free time to attend to other things that are also important.

A frying machine is usually found with integrated designs, capacities, powers and recipes. Also with preparation modes, electricity consumptions and manufacturing materials for all tastes and needs. So don’t be afraid and choose the right one for you.

(Featured image source: Bubbers: 149002097/ 123rf)