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J12 Paradoxe Only 2. This is the name Chanel has given to the unique piece it is donating to the Only Watch 2021 charity auction, and it couldn’t exude a more authentic DNA of the legendary Parisian brand. Chanel’ s genius in creative matters is not limited to their products and even reaches the naming.

As you all know, the Only Watch is a charity auction that takes place every two years and has only one rule: the watches donated by the brands must be unique pieces. Therefore, nothing more paradoxical than the fact that the unique piece that Chanel donates is not one watch but two and that it is already admitted in its name; Paradoxe. For more fun, Chanel nicknames it “Only 2”, which, in addition to brilliant is true.

Chanel J12 Paradoxe Only 2 - black Chanel J12 Paradoxe Only 2 - white

The J12 Paradoxe was released in February 2020 and we published an extensive article about it. In itself, the J12 Paradoxe is an astonishing exercise in design – would anyone other than Chanel have thought to present a watch in black and white and divide the colours vertically into a three-quarter strip? The most paradoxical thing is that this unusual extravagance is at the same time undeniably attractive.

The two pieces presented by Chanel in this unique set are differentiated by their colour combination. One of them resorts to black for its three quarters and the other does the same with white. With only this, although it is a single piece that is actually two, it would not be enough to consider it “unique piece”, but Chanel applies another differentiation in its bezel.

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The 2020 J12 Paradoxe brings the typical unidirectional rotating bezel with dive time index characteristic of diving watches. Chanel does not provide in its press release details about the bezel of the Paradoxe Only 2 so we do not know if it is rotating, but what the images do show is that it dispenses with the index and its surface acquires a form that emulates a crimping, although if we look closely we will appreciate that it is a single piece.

Chanel J12 Paradoxe Only 2 - calibre

Another differential feature is found in its movement, a new version of the caliber 12.1 whose peculiarity is the black treatment that is made to its oscillating weight and bridges. In the sapphire crystal of the case back that allows us to observe this movement we find printed the inscription “PIECE UNIQUE . ONLY WATCH 2021”. And that is all that differentiates this set of two J12 Paradoxe Only 2 watches from the regular production J12 Paradoxe. It is one of the few cases where the brand has not resorted to the Only Watch corporate orange color to distinguish its unique piece.

Chanel J12 Paradoxe Only 2 - box

Obviously, the J12 Paradoxe Only 2 will be auctioned as a single set and are presented as such in their original two-tone case. Christie’s, the company responsible for the Monegasque auction, has made the prediction that the J12 Paradoxe Only 2(s) will fetch between CHF 30,000 and 40,000.

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