Carrion Trick News: Trophy List Available

Published 06/08/2021 at 19:00

Unlike many horror games, Carrion for once puts you in the shoes of the monster thirsty for human flesh. While the game is scheduled for release later this year on PlayStation 4, we reveal its trophy list below.

Below is the list of 22 trophies (21 of which are hidden) for Carrion, which will be available by the end of the year on PlayStation 4

(7 bronze, 6 silver, 8 gold and 1 platinum).

Bronze trophies (7)

  • It’s alive!

    Infiltrate the NSB-4 search area

  • Even machines have an expiration date

    Infiltrate the military dump

  • Claustrophobia

    Infiltrate the uranium mines

  • Poisoning

    Infiltrate yourself in the hazardous waste dump

  • A Brain Feast

    Sip your first juicy brain juice

  • Carnal prey

    Feed on

  • The carrion

    Relive the first flashback sequence

Silver trophies (6)

  • There’s something in these trees

    Infiltrate the botanical gardens

  • Go deeper

    Infiltrate the Leviathan Reef Base

  • Drink as much as you can

    Infiltrate the Science Relith HQ

  • Water Under the Bridge

    Infiltrate the deck of the Leviathan Reef Base

  • One Monster, One Test Tube

    Access 1 containment unit

  • The Perfect Organism

    Relive the second flashback sequence

Gold trophies (8)

  • Ionized

    Infiltrate the nuclear power plant

  • The war… will never change

    Infiltrate the war complex

  • 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Infiltrate the bunker

  • The new reality

    Keep up the good work, you little lost creature

  • Challenging Experience

    Access all 3 containment units

  • Fearful Experience

    Access all 6 containment units

  • Experiencing a harrowing ordeal

    Access 9 containment units

  • Head for the chopper!

    Relive the final flashback sequence

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • Superpredator

    Unlock all trophies

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