The CarbonROM team has announced

the first stable builds of (CR-9.0) based on Android 11. The team is undoubtedly a bit late in terms of the release of Android 11 but if there are fans, there’ out there, waiting for this ROM then now is the time to install it. However, it is necessary to point out that if you are a xiaomist, the ROM in question has only been released for three devices, or rather three models. These are Redmi Note 5 and 5 Pro, Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 10 Pro. Let’s go over a few details.

CarbonROM with Android 11 is available for download for Redmi Note 5 and 5 Pro, Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 10 Pro. Will you be using it?

CarbonROM, just like other AOSP-based ROMs, is close to the stock Android experience but includes additional features and customizations that are quite appreciated. The team says that all the known features of CarbonROM 8.0 have been ported to this version, including the Font Engine, which allows users to apply their own custom fonts. This can be done by uploading font files to

and generating an APK that can be installed on the smartphone.

carbonrom arriva per redmi note 5 e 5 pro, redmi note 7 e redmi note 10 pro

In addition, some new features have also been added, such as Powershare

and proximity controls for double-tap reactivation on smartphones that support the feature. Here’s the full list of Redmi devices that have received the official build of CarbonROM 9.0:

More devices are expected to receive an official build of CarbonROM based on Android 11 soon. Although the builds are labeled as “WEEKLY”, there will be no weekly releases. Instead, the new builds will be released on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The team says that this allows them to incorporate new monthly security patches in advance, while still leaving room for bug fixes and adding new features.

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As a reminder, installing custom ROMs requires special steps that we only recommend to the more experienced. In any case, the team assumes no responsibility in case of damage to the device as a result of modding operations.

Via | XDA Developers

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CarbonROM con Android 11 pronta per 3 modelli Redmi Note

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