Boursorama Banque is surprising us this Tuesday with an exceptional bonus of €130 valid only for all first-time subscribers for 24 hours. By using the code 24H130 when you sign up for a current account (free, no strings attached), you will unlock this generous bonus. It is divided into two parts, we explain everything below.

I take advantage of the offer

Boursorama is the most successful online bank in France, with several million customers. It stands out with a very wide range of banking products (similar to that of a network bank), a quality customer service, intuitive interfaces … but also particularly low rates. For 13 years, it has been the cheapest bank in France.

A generous (and unconditional) bonus

This one-time bonus that lasts 24 hours is reminiscent of the one-time Pink Weekend. Unlike other banks, Boursorama Bank is the only one that can boast of offering such flexible conditions to benefit from the welcome bonus. You don’t have to have a minimum income, a minimum activity or a guaranteed address.

To get your bonus with Boursorama Banque, here’s how to proceed. An initial payment of €50 will be made when you have validated your current account. You will need to enter the code 24H130 (on the exclusive day of 27 July) when you register, and then send in your application. If you are of age and living in France, it’s all good.

Then, a second payment of 80€ will be made if you subscribe to the Ultim offer. This formula is the most popular of the online bank: it is the most classic, generous and flexible. It has evolved at the end of last year to permanently replace the Standard account of Boursorama Banque. This account is not only free, but the associated bank card (equivalent to Visa Premier) is also free.

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To discover its offer, it is here :

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55% of customers have no fees

In a traditional bank, the French pay an average of 215 euros in fees per year. Online banking has revolutionised this industry by making all banking products available at a lower cost. Boursorama Banque, as the cheapest bank in France, leads the way. In 2020, 55% of its customers had no banking fees.

If you use the Boursorama Bank account for classic everyday banking transactions, it will therefore cost you nothing. Knowing that the online bank offers a bonus of up to €130, you really have everything to gain. Note also that the Welcome account, which is more limited (no overdraft, immediate debit), pays a total of €80. This is less than the formule Ultim, but it is already more generous than normal.

Boursorama Banque offers the best of a network bank, an online bank and a neo-bank. Whether it’s for your daily operations, for your trips abroad or for your investments, the establishment is ultra-competitive. With this bonus valid for 24 hours, you can make great savings.

To find out about the Boursorama Bank offer, click here:

I take advantage of the offer