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Published on 07/28/2021 at 19:00

Available since February 4th on PC and Switch, Blue Fire made its arrival a few days ago on PlayStation 4. On this occasion, we reveal the list of trophies of the platform game by Robi Studios, published by Graffiti Games.

Below is the list of 23 trophies for Blue Fire, available since July 23rd on PlayStation 4

(8 bronze, 7 silver, 7 gold and 1 platinum).

Bronze trophies (8)

  • Destroy The Nuos Corruption

    Defeat The Corrupted Guardian

  • Find The Uthas Temple

    Reach The Uthas Temple

  • Find The Nuos Temple

    Find The Nuos Temple

  • Elevator Duties

    Repair the elevators in the Arcane Tunnels

  • Love in the Air

    Help Barri confess his love

  • Enter the Void

    Find the first Void

  • The Lost Memory

    Find and bring back the family portrait

  • Book Hunting

    Bring back the 5 books to Mork

Silver trophies (7)

  • Nuno’s Pain

    Bring the Rare Snow to Nuno

  • Spirit Hunting

    Find or buy all the spirits

  • Dirty Business

    Bring the house keys to Mon

  • Missing Mother

    Find the necklace for Fara

  • Kuna’s Gift

    Buy the Odd Stone from Orip and bring it to Kuna’s altar

  • Soul Fragments

    Collect the 4 Soul Fragments

  • Flames of Darkness

    Light the 4 flames

Gold trophies (7)

  • Destroy The Shadow Lords

    Defeat Lady Beira, Lord Samael and Lord Sirion

  • Broken Boilers

    Repair the 3 boilers

  • Destroy The Uthas Corruption

    Defeat the second Corrupted Guardian

  • Defeat all Voids

    Finish all Void challenges

  • Song of Gods

    Bring back the letters of apology

  • Juro’s Memories

    Help Juro remember his loved one

  • The Source of Darkness

    Defeat the Queen of Shadows

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • The Sanctuary King

    Get all trophies

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