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few days ago, news leaked that gaming phone brand Black Shark will most likely be acquired by Tencent

, the Chinese gaming giant. It was also reported that after the acquisition of Black Shark Technology, the company would be integrated into the Tencent Group Platform and Content Group (PCG) led by Ren Yuxin and the key business would shift from phones to VR devices. This was also considered a key step for Tencent to enter the Metaverse.

Black Shark 5 will have a similar design to its predecessor: no edges and front camera hole

Shortly after, it was confirmed that the Black Shark 5 would still come out with the high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip on board, appeasing many of the fans already of the brand’s demise


Well, this morning Chinese blogger Digital Chat Station has once again revealed some news regarding the upcoming Black Shark 5. Specifically, he stated that the smartphone will use a perforated screen solution and will add gaming elements on the chassis. Also, it won’t use large symmetrical black borders as we see on Lenovo and Red Magic’s gaming devices.

At the moment, we have gamers who prefer the design with borders that in landscape mode we find on the left and right, which can reduce false touches during gaming sessions, while others are hoping for a higher screen ratio, which can improve gaming immersion. So it’s hard to say which option is better and it probably all depends on personal preference.

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Anyway, as for performance, it was previously reported that the Black Shark 5 series will be updated with a 100-watt dual-core flash charge for a 4600mAh battery. Powering the smartphone will be the current more powerful flagship Snapdragon 8 processor and we also expect ultra-fast memory as the Black Shark 4S Pro comes with custom NVME SSD with the speed being increased by over 55% compared to competitors.




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