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This afternoon, the BINNIFA brand part of the Xiaomi ecosystem launched the new Wireless Karaoke Home Theater Play8D on the Youpin platform. It is a wireless karaoke home theater system that has 5.1 surround sound, a professional karaoke set and a high-quality metal cover as its main features.

BINNIFA Wireless Karaoke Home Theater Play8D crowdfunding: 2-in-1 karaoke set and home theater

But let’s start with the basics, namely the hardware included in the set and its price. The BINNIFA Wireless Karaoke Home Theater Play8D arrives with a sound bar, a subwoofer, two surround speakers and two microphones. The price of the set during the crowdfunding campaign is 1499 yuan, about 200 euros at the current exchange rate.

Going into detail, we have a metal soundbar with curved design, accompanied by a passive type subwoofer and wireless surround speakers form a 360-degree surround to form a total of 9 sound units.

The Play8D wireless karaoke home theater by BINNIFA then supports three modes with different sound effects, among them we have the theater mode, music mode and news mode.

As for the

built-in ports, the home theater system arrives with an HDMI port, a LINE IN port, a coaxial port, a fiber optic port and a USB port. The home theater can be easily connected not only to various TVs of different brands, but also supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology to be able to connect multiple smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. The product also adopts microphones with 5.8 GHz wireless stable anti-lag technology for more stable sound transmission, lower delays, and less audio detail loss.

Finally, according to the brand, its complex design that subverts the traditional KTV set will go on to start a new era of family-friendly K movies. While the high-performance professional-grade microphones not only support automatic wireless connection, but also have excellent audio characteristics with high sensitivity and anti-echo features.

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