With the arrival of FRITZ!OS 7.20, AVM introduced the device lock, a new and interesting feature that, as its name suggests, will allow us to enable or disable Internet access to all those computers and gadgets that are connected to our network, both wireless and wired, and in a matter of seconds.

The device block is a very useful feature because it gives us total control over our Internet connection. We can decide, without having to go into complicated settings, which devices we want to be able to connect to the Internet and which devices we don’t, and reverse our decision at any time.

Imagine, for example, that you are teleworking. You have an important video call, and you’re going to need your Internet connection to be at its best. To avoid problems, you can use device blocking to prevent other computers from accessing the Internet, so you can be sure that your connection will only work with the PC you’re using for that video call.

By limiting access to specific devices, or blocking all but one device, you’re preventing that device from benefiting from all the advantages of having an Internet connection all to itself, both in terms of bandwidth, stability, and latency. If you had, for example, two devices connected at the same time, not only would they share bandwidth, but you’re likely to experience latency issues if they’re both working under full load.

How to use device lock

bloqueo de dispositivos

It is very easy, we only have to enter the user interface of our FRITZ!Box router (enter in the address bar of any Internet browser) and follow this path “Internet > Filters”. The devices that are connected to our router will appear. Well, we just have to select the ones we want to block and that’s it. We will be able to revert the blocking by repeating these same steps and selecting the option “unblock”.

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If we are away from home and we want to block access to one or more specific devices no problem, we can do it thanks to the application <a href=”https://www.muycomputer.com/2020/12/06/myfritzapp-aplicacion-intelligent/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>MyFRITZ!App which, I remind you, is completely free, and compatible with iOS and Android.

I don’t want to finish this article without reminding you that AVM offers, in addition to the device blocking function, a very complete parental control system. With it we can control the habits of our children, limit their access to the Internet, both in quantitative terms (total time) and qualitative (pages they can visit, and pages they can’t visit).

To better understand its value, a few simple examples will suffice. With parental controls you can establish, for example, limitations that prevent your children from connecting to the Internet after 22:00 hours, and also veto access to those pages with dangerous content that you want to avoid at all costs. You could also opt for the extreme of setting a unique list with the pages they can access, excluding all the others.

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