If you’ve always dreamed of buying a laser engraving machine to customize the most varied objects, there’s a good opportunity: on the official website of Ortur, the Aufero Laser 2 machine in all its variants is discounted for a month.

This is an excellent tool, dedicated both to beginners and to those who already know the system and are looking for something more specific. The strengths compared to the competition are several: first, the variety of materials that is able to carve. They range from wood to bamboo, passing through paper and cardboard, leather, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and other metals in general.

This means that it can be used to customize practically anything, from leather wallets to boxes and kitchen tools, for example to modify a simple rolling pin with shapes to engrave on the dough and create very special cookies, or more simply to make unique an object intended for a gift, which could be for example a set of cutlery or anything else contained in a wooden box.

This machine is characterized by an aluminum alloy frame and has a very low center of gravity, which makes it more stable and faster than others: with the firmware update 1.8 already available, we read on the data sheet, is able to engrave 10,000 millimeters per minute.

It is also equipped with four protection systems, a feature not to be underestimated both if you use the machine in a house where there are children, and in any laboratory where a small accident could cause irreparable damage. One of these protection systems in fact deactivates the laser as soon as the machine undergoes a movement, whether it is moved or bumped, thus preventing the laser, moved or even overturned, from hitting and harming people.

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The other three protection systems deactivate the laser in case of power failure, if the USB cable is unplugged or if the laser, due to some malfunction, should get stuck in one place for too long, thus avoiding fires and other accidents. In addition to all this there is also a fuse that protects the internal circuits in case of over current.

The Aufero Laser 2 also mounts a 32-bit ninth-generation 240 GHz motherboard, a third-generation laser and features an engraving area of 39 x 39 centimeters. It weighs 3 kilograms and the actual footprint is 60 x 60 centimeters, with 14 centimeters high at the highest point. Those who buy it can download for free the LaserGRBL program from which to import drawings, or they can choose to purchase the LightBurn program (the first month is free) which is professional and offers more customization options.

Finally, those who decide to buy it can choose between three different models: the basic version, with fixed focus, is the LU2-2 and is intended for beginners; then there is the LU2-4-SF version with short focus, which is more precise especially in the points where the engravings are close together; finally the LU2-4-LF model, which is more precise in the points where the engravings are close together. with long focus, which can also work for cutting lighter materials.

As we said this laser engraving machine is on promotion on the official website for a month: until February 10 instead of $ 329.99 you can buy it for $ 269.99, while the higher performance version instead of $ 429.99 costs $ 369.99. Until that date, every day, the first three buyers will receive as a gift the rotating roller, worth $89.99, with which to easily engrave round objects, while from the fourth to the sixth order will be given as a gift the auxiliary device to more easily adjust the height of the engraving head.

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We remind you that among the payment methods is also available PayPal, which guarantees the possibility to take advantage of PayPal purchase protection in case of need. The offer is valid while stocks last; for further information about shipping costs and times, possible charges and order management, please visit the seller’s website.