AssistApp was born with the aim of filling a gap in the field of personal services, home, health, elderly, family, collecting in a single web platform with integrated app various types of professional services required every day by people.

Launched on the Roman market by a team of women entrepreneurs, AssistApp is the result of a market research that has highlighted the lack of a complete tool able to collect and provide qualified services in a single operating environment and, more importantly, in the shortest possible time.

AssistApp offers essential services ranging from medical assistance to assistance to the elderly, to families, to the person, up to niche services such as illustrator, ghostwriter, etc., and/or specialized services: Equitalia expert, accountant.

The user who accesses AssistApp will have at his disposal the physical support of a call center able to follow the entire management of the operational flow of the order from the issuance to its evasion and then conclude with the evaluation of the service by the customer in view of a process of continuous improvement of the app’s performance.

“Our mission is to be the “hand” that simplifies people’s lives, providing the right professionalism to lighten and / or better manage the work-life load that hangs over each of us,” says Fatia, creator of AssistApp.

“We want to listen to our users as much as to professionals and be “facilitators of daily life” of our customers, through the right mix of analog and digital support”. And again, “We define ourselves as an app with a human face, whose purpose is to respond to an emergency through contact with a person and not with a number; we also want to make available to all those services now reserved for a few, while committing ourselves to negotiate the best prices and offer the best service”.AssistApp represents a new and interesting job opportunity for those who want to offer their services in every field in the city of Rome. The reliability of the professionals accredited in the platform is guaranteed by the management of Assist, after a thorough check on the skills of the professional.

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The vision of AssistApp is to become the “reference” of services for each territory in which it is implemented. The mission is to be a facilitator of life “open source”, open to the request for new services and the reception of new professionalism. As mentioned AssistApp is a web portal with an integrated app: starting from the site there is a quick command to create an icon and direct connection on your smartphone.

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