In the home, decoration can represent one of the most important elements, as it is what makes the house have a personality and can be perceived by every visitor. Artificial plants, in this case, orchids, are one of the most popular decorative elements.

Maybe, if you don’t know a product well, it is more difficult for you to make a decision. If this is your case, don’t worry because in this article we will help you clear up some of the most common doubts about artificial orchids.

The most important things

  • There are different types of artificial orchids and each one will give a different impression depending on the type of decoration. The most common is the phalaenopsis with its butterfly-shaped petals.
  • In artificial orchids it is very important to take into account the materials in which they are made, as they will help to create a sense of reality.
  • Depending on the use you want to give them, the size and color of them is important, as it will help us to decide between the wide variety of artificial orchids that exist.

The best artificial orchids on the market: Our recommendations

Within the current market, artificial orchids have a wide variety of models. They are a replica of those found in nature. Because of this, you should think about the alternative that suits you best. Here are some of the ones we have considered to be a good choice.

The best artificial orchid with a pot

This butterfly orchid can give your home or office a fresh, green feel with vibrant colors in fuchsia pink or white. It is made of latex and polyester, which makes the feel of its petals completely realistic and vivid. In addition, the presentation in a white vase with synthetic soil adds more naturalness to the set.

The dimensions of this model of orchid with flowerpot are 38 cm from the end of the pot to the top of the flower. This one has two stems with buds and 12 flowers decorated with PU and fern leaves, which gives it a very natural touch.

The best white artificial orchids

White is the colour of choice for most decorations in any environment due to its elegance and versatility. Consequently, it is usually the best-selling option. This model of the brand Fergus Home is an example of this.

These Phalaenopsis orchid sticks are 80 cm long and are sent in batches of 6. Their touch, due to the high quality materials, is completely real. They are perfect for a bridal bouquet, a centerpiece or to add an elegant touch to your home.

The Best Artificial Orchid Leaves

You may be wondering why these leaves are sold separately. Like many other items, artificial orchids also come with accessories. If you have noticed, they are only a set when they are in a pot, but what happens if you want to make a larger composition?

This is where these leaves come in

They are made of latex that will give your orchids that natural touch. You can use them by joining several of them together and just get a green arrangement. Each bouquet has five leaves, which will give playfulness when it comes to their placement.

The best artificial orchid bonsai size

We have seen several types of artificial orchids although most of them are bigger than 50 cm. What happens if we have a very small space and we still want to give it a cheerful touch? Briful Flor brings us this orchid in bonsai size.

It is a white ceramic pot. The arrangement of the sticks in purple tones reminds us of these small Japanese trees. It has a total height of 38 cm, the perfect size for a dining table centerpiece or master bedroom decoration.

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Buying Guide: What you should know about artificial orchids

Orchids are one of the most beautiful plants that can be found in many parts of the world. Their colors and shapes make them perfect to be able to decorate endless events like weddings, but if you want to help nature, you will see that it is much better to buy artificial orchids. They have a very similar appearance. Next, we will solve the most frequent doubts about them.

This kind of artificial orchids are used a lot to decorate weddings and other kind of events. (Source: Aopsan: 51141754/ 123rf)

What kind of artificial orchids are there?

Orchids are a flower that brightens up the presence in many homes. However, as it happens with the great majority of flowers, there is an infinity of variations. Here we explain the main types of artificial orchids that exist.

Types Characteristics
Phalaenopsis This is the most popular orchid of all. It has butterfly-shaped flowers in a wide variety of colours.
Cymbidium It is usually used indoors. Its large number of colours makes it one of the most versatile for creating striking combinations.
Cattleya It has a large flower and is usually found in purple colours. Perfect for decorating vases.
Oncidium They are very popular because of the large number of small flowers on their branches. They are usually yellow with orange or reddish tones.

Why buy artificial orchid arrangements?

There is no doubt that natural orchids are beautiful and unique, but when it comes to decoration, artificial orchids have their advantages. If you’re still on the fence about buying artificial orchids, we’ll give you some tips on how to buy them.Here’s why to do it:

  1. You can place your artificial orchid arrangements in any corner of your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s the garden, bedroom, living room or for your business. Plus, they are perfect to fit in with any type of décor.
  2. They also don’t require watering, so they won’t wilt. There are a variety of options on the market. You can choose from a large number of artificial orchid arrangements that are good value for money.
  3. Unlike natural orchids, with artificial orchid arrangements you will only have to make a single investment over a long period of time. You will also not have to spend money on substrates for your orchid.
  4. Just like natural orchids, they will add a different touch to the place.
  5. If you are someone who loves the smell of natural orchids, you don’t have to worry. Some artificial orchids come scented.
  6. They are ideal for celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or promotional events.

How to decorate with artificial orchids?

Artificial orchids are one of the most used alternatives in decoration. You will be able to choose your favorite one without it wilting because of not taking the right measures for its care.

Artificial orchid decorations are ideal for those places where placing a natural orchid is not one of the best choices, as they could be damaged by weather conditions such as too much light or water. They are perfect to decorate your garden, outdoor restaurants or simply place them at the entrance of your house and everyone will be delighted with them.

What flowers go well with orchids in floral arrangements?

It is not uncommon to use artificial orchids in flower arrangements, bouquets or bridal bouquets. Although they look artistic on their own, combining orchids with other flowers doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep a few basic tips in mind:


Flowers that grow together combine in arrangements. That is, mix orchids with other exotic tropical varieties such as ginger, protea and crocosmia. They can also be combined with other orchids in contrasting colours to form a dazzling arrangement.

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If you want to give your arrangement a formal touch, use other flowers that are also formal, such as roses, peonies or calla lilies. Orchid bouquets complement the lush glamour of Oriental and Asiatic lilies. The gladiolus resembles the orchid. Since most orchids grow on arching stems, gladiolus gives structure to the floral composition.


When you think of orchids, shades of purple and pink probably come

to mind.

However, there are white orchids, yellow orchids, red orchids and orchids in shades of orange. Contrast or complement the colour of orchids with other flowers. White orchids stand out if you surround them with red roses.


in shades of green look spectacular when combined with bells of Ireland, green roses and hanging amaranthus. Those that are yellow with bright orange center petals fit well with red poppies and yellow snapdragons.


Normally, orchids do not fit in with casual garden flowers. Break this

small orchid arrangements are a rule using flowers all of the same colour and size. A white arrangement of orchids, sweet peas, lisianthus

and tulips combines formality with extravagance.

The meaning of colors in flowers is very important when sending a message. (Source: Irynarasko: 9575854/ 123rf)

How to clean artificial orchids?

Maintenance of artificial orchids is very simple. From time to time and when it is visible from a short distance, you should wipe them with a cloth with water or all-purpose cleaner to make them look as good as new.

Decorating with artificial orchids does not require transplanting, specific light locations or care related to pests or pruning. Thus, all these features add to the many advantages of having artificial flower arrangements.

Purchasing Criteria

After knowing the essential aspects of artificial orchids, perhaps, in your mind an idea of the exact product you want to buy is forming. However, before taking this step, there are some characteristics that you should take into account in order to compare different options.


Artificial flowers, and more specifically orchids, are not what they used to be. They boast an almost real appearance that has nothing to do with the plastic flowers of yesteryear. Today they are made with very special materials such as latex or silk to create an almost authentic look and feel. It is what is called the real touch

, an effect that makes it difficult to distinguish if they are authentic or not.

Although this is the trend right now, there are still orchids made from lower quality materials, such as plastic or nylon. These models are usually cheaper, although if what we want is that the decoration of our home or office stands out, it would be ideal to opt for the first option.



the size, there are many and very diverse, depending on both the manufacturer and the model of artificial orchids we are looking for. Even if you are looking for a larger one for the decoration you need, bear in mind that when making the composition you can give it height by playing with the branches. We show you the measurements in the following table:

Size Measurements
Large The biggest size sticks are the ones between 90 and 120 cm. They are used to make decorative centrepieces combined with each other and they are very eye-catching and elegant.
Medium Sticks between 75 and 89 cm are medium-sized sticks, which can be used for decorations or arrangements that are more discreet but equally distinguished.
Small The smaller sizes range from 60 to 88 cm, more suitable for home or office decorations.
Pots There is not much variety in the size of potted orchids. They usually measure between 50 and 60 cm, although it all depends on the size of the container.
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Colours and meanings

There is an incredible diversity of colours, varieties and types of orchids. These flowers are perfect for creating the most elegant floral arrangements. Nowadays, giving an orchid as a gift means giving beauty and even lust. The meaning of orchids varies depending on the color. Next, we are going to review the symbolism of this beautiful flower.

  • Purple orchid: It is the symbol of justice, prudence and wisdom.
  • Blue orchid. In these shades, orchids convey messages of peace and harmony to people. They are ideal to give as a gift to your partner or work colleagues.
  • Green orchid. It is the symbol of the natural, so it will give an elegant touch to your floral arrangements. The green orchid represents not only nature and freshness, but also hope.
  • Pink orchid. This colour indicates an open and unequivocal declaration of love. If you want to declare your love, do it with this color. They are the symbol of love between two people.
  • White orchid. It is the symbol of sophistication and purity. For this reason, they are very suitable flowers for wedding decoration. They can be placed as a table centerpiece, in the church, on the groom’s lapel or in the bride’s bouquet.
  • Yellow orchid. If you are not clear about your feelings towards the person to whom these flowers are addressed, be careful if they are yellow. And not because this shade is associated with bad luck, it is a color that has connotations linked to eroticism.
  • Red orchid. With this colour there are no half measures. It is an unequivocal and clear statement of passion. Red orchids represent the mixture of love and passion between two people, so it is a very appropriate gift for Valentine’s Day or for an anniversary, for example.

The floral combination of different kinds brings out the elegance of orchids. (Source: Svetlanausoltseva: 136811852/ 123rf)

Pot profile

If you have an orchid and you like them, you will know that there are a lot of different types of orchid pots, including different materials such as clay, glass or crystal, wood or coconut.

The variety is impressive, as much or more than the diversity of colors. It all depends on the decorative style of your home or even the colour of the flower. However, most of the time these flower pots are usually white, which is a tremendous help, as they look good with any kind of decor, and can be used with any kind of decoration.ration.


The world of orchids is vast and quite complex. It requires a lot of patience and care to keep them impeccable, as they are very delicate. That is why choosing artificial orchids for decoration is the best possible option, as the result is practically the same.

Nowadays artificial flowers are not like they used to be. Nowadays they are so well made that even when you touch them you doubt if they are real. The materials in which they are made are of such good quality that it is worth investing a little in this type of flowers that will last until you get bored of them. Leave a comment if you found this article helpful and feel free to share it with friends.

(Featured image source: Teksomolika: 113837806/ 123rf)