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The Gravity Equal Force Only Watch is a specially created version of Armin Strom’s most iconic watch for the Monegasque charity auction. The Gravity Equal Force is not the most complicated watch in the Armin Strom catalogue as that honour goes to the extraordinarily complex watches in the Resonance and Masterpieces collections. But, the Gravity Equal Force has achieved something even more difficult; to offer the “constant force” complication in an affordable watch, priced well outside the six figures usually required for complications of this level.

Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Only Watch - front FB

Of this watch, announced in 2019, we already told you about it in the extensive article we dedicated to it. Subsequently, Armin Strom presented the rose gold version and even a derivation called Lady Beat, intended exclusively for the female audience. In a very compact way we could summarize that the Gravity Equal Force is the first watch in the history of automatic winding with a constant force transmission system. Moreover, as I have already mentioned, it does so at an astonishingly reasonable price.

As is inevitable, most of the geometric and technical characteristics of the Gravity Equal Force Only Watch are the same as those of the watch on which it is based. Thus we are faced with a 40-millimetre steel case that houses the ASB19 calibre, which is the heart and soul of this portable mechanical marvel. The peculiarities of this unique piece are found in aesthetic details, although in this case they are not very trivial and we find them all in the movement, which in fact is also its dial.

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Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Only Watch - dial

The most important detailThe most noticeable and evident is the orange color of the three bridges. This striking color, corporate color of the Only Watch 2021, is also found on the hour, minute and second hands. Another unique and innovative detail in this watch is the time dial made on a sapphire crystal base, which further reveals the gears of the ASB19 caliber.

However, the differential detail that brings more personality to this Gravity Equal Force Only Watch is paradoxically the most discreet. I am referring to the guilloche decoration applied on the black background of the movement’s mainplate. Although exquisite, the most important thing about this guilloché is not the what but the who, as it is entirely handmade by Kari Voutilainen, one of the star watchmakers of the 21st century and a great friend of the founders of Armin Strom.

Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Only Watch

Christie’s estimated price for the Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Only Watch is in the range of CHF 16,900-25,000. Personally I am of the opinion that this is a very conservative estimate and that bidding will significantly exceed these figures.

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