The electric car market is growing in France, but it is still quite confidential. However, we can expect changes in the years to come, particularly because of the choices made by our leaders, the manufacturers, but also because of a real change of mentality among consumers.

Vinci Autoroutes has just commissioned a very interesting survey on the subject from the Ipsos Institute. First of all, it can be noted that 90% of respondents have the idea of reducing the environmental impact of their travel. When asked how to proceed when commuting to and from work, the solution of an electric or hybrid vehicle is obvious to 35% of respondents.

A real change in mentality in 2021

Similarly, while electric cars are not very common in households, 20% of those surveyed plan to buy one within the next five years, which could really change the situation. There is already quite impressive growth in the sector in 2021, and between January and April, 7% of new car registrations were electric, compared to just 1.8% two years ago.

While electric cars seem to have the wind in their sails, there are nevertheless certain obstacles to their development. For example, 34% of French people say they are afraid they won’t be able to recharge their car at work, and 30% think there aren’t enough recharging stations in town. Similarly, 73% of those surveyed believe that electric cars could be boosted by the introduction of greater purchase incentives.

Overall, these findings are in line with the results of a global study we recently reported on. 9,000 consumers from 13 different countries answered various questions on this topic. 41% of the participants revealed that they would like to buy an electric car as their next vehicle, compared to only 30% last year. Again, environmental concerns were often cited as the reason for this choice.

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