Although the recent nostalgic fever for arcade machines seems to be starting to calm down, we still have big surprises like the one from Arcade1Up, which on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of The Simpsons, presents this full-size arcade machine equipped with the classic side-scrolling action arcade game published by Konami in the 90s, in which we could take control of the members of this yellow family to defeat all kinds of enemies and acquaintances in a completely original adventure.

With an identical aesthetic to the original arcade cabinet, this new home model will be equipped with a 17-inch LCD screen instead of the original 27-inch LCD panel, allowing its size to be reduced from 180 x 104 x 91 centimetres to just 120 x 60 x 28 centimetres.

Although this will not be its only novelty, also adding new features such as network connectivity via LAN cable. And is that in addition to the local multiplayer mode for up to four players, this new recreation of The Simpsons will allow us to play with any other user online, yes, limiting the spectrum to those who own another of these machines.

Without having specified the specific number of machines available, no doubt this is a piece that will be coveted by collectors and fans of both worlds, being the first and only time that this franchise is presented in this home arcade format.

Although no price has been specified for the moment, given the figures seen in other Arcade1Up home arcade machines such as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time”, it would not be surprising that this Simpsons machine would reach a price between 500 and 1,000 dollars. Something that we will be able to find out on August 16, when the opening for pre-orders through the official website of the brand.

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