A growing number of Apple TV customers are complaining about a strange bug. The platform offers, in addition to the TV+ service, to rent a lot of movies, series and documentaries – for an extra fee, of course. However, for a few weeks now, many have been complaining that the content is played without sound.

According to 9to5Mac, the first customer complaints date back to July. The blog doesn’t think that 100% of customers are experiencing the bug, but there are now enough complaints that we can talk about a real problem that anyone can face when renting content on Apple TV.

Apple TV seems to be a victim of a DRM problem

The problem seems to lie at the heart of the platform’s technologies. According to customer feedback, the playback problem affects all devices compatible with the service: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, and smart TVs equipped with the Apple TV application. There is currently no other solution than to contact Apple customer service as soon as possible.

Since customer service can’t fix the problem, most complaints result in a refund. 9To5Mac notes, however, that not everyone is entitled to this treatment. In some cases, the advisor may not really understand the problem and refuse to give you a refund.

Moreover, while the first complaints seem to date back to July, Apple has still not fixed the bug which is quite unusual for the firm. We still don’t know the exact nature of the technical problem. But given that the content on the platform is protected by a DRM system, it is likely that something is wrong on this side.

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It is indeed quite possible that there is an interaction with certain content or that the firm has updated its protection system with something that causes incompatibilities with older content. For all these reasons, we strongly advise against buying any rentals on the service until the problem is officially fixed.

If you encountered the bug on your last rental, be prepared with what you’re going to tell the consultant. And if you don’t get a refund, don’t hesitate to call customer service again: another advisor will probably understand your situation better and be able to help you.