News broke yesterday that Google will require its employees returning to the office to be vaccinated. CEO Sundar Pichai said so, explaining that getting vaccinated “is the most important way to keep ourselves and our communities healthy”.

Along the lines of the statements of the CEO of Google, those of the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, doing in any case know that the company – before making a final decision – is continuing to monitor the situation daily.

The site 9to5Mac recalls that at the beginning of the month, Apple decided to postpone the return to the office (previously scheduled for September), a choice that became necessary because of variants from COVID-19 that continue to spread around the world.

Now that Google has decided on a postponement of the return to the office – initially scheduled for September – Apple has also let it be known that it is weighing the situation; a decision has not yet been made but the goal is to decide as soon as possible how and when to return.

Cook told CNBC ‘s Josh Lipton that he’s monitoring the situation daily to understand what the right response might be.

In addition to having to deal with figuring out how and in what way to re-enter an office, Cook is facing objections from some employees who say they can continue to work well remotely and would like to be able to continue to do so in the future.

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Apple has also apparently sent a letter to employees encouraging them to get vaccinated. There is, at least at the moment, no obligation but Cupertino has advised employees to talk to their doctor and decide what is right for them.

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