Apex Legends Game News: Emergence Season 10 Gameplay Trailer Plunges Us Into Chaos

Published on 07/26/2021 at 18:35

Apex Legends was one of the winners chosen by Electronic Arts to be featured in the program of its EA Play Live event that took place last Thursday. A slot during which Respawn Entertainment was able to offer a first look at the tenth season of its battle royale.

This time around, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment decided to release a peppy gameplay trailer that promises a good dose of action. The trailer starts off smoothly by giving us a quick tour of the new map.

But this is just the calm before the storm that is brewing in the distance. And the least we can say is that things get out of hand quickly! The World’s Edge map is in the grip of a “Lava Siphon” that has engulfed the factory in a gigantic chasm.

As a result, new points of interest are appearing on the map in response to the events of this season. Among them is a place called “Air Conditioner” which replaces the refinery. The fissure has grown in size and the rail yard is no longer there, having been swept away by the landslide.

This new gameplay clip also focuses on the additions for this tenth season as a new battlepass will be deployed at launch, while a new weapon, the LMG Rampage seen in action, makes its debut in the arsenal available to players.

The gameplay sequence concludes with a quick look at the new Seer character, time to demonstrate his many talents, including his sniper rifle skills and his ability to handle microdrones.

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Emergence, Season 10 ofApex Legends, kicks off in a handful of days on August 3 and introduces ranked arenas on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC

via Origin and Steam.Apex Legends : un trailer de gameplay d’Emergence, la saison 10, nous plonge en plein chaos

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