For Black Friday you can buy at a great price the ultimate charger, capable of charging practically everything in your home, including a latest generation iPhone at maximum speed. It is the Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim for only 33,99 euro instead of 39,99 euro.

Its great advantage is based on its very compact size. It is ultra thin thanks to the technology that replaces silicon with gallium nitride (GaN) but in terms of functionality, this accessory, tested by Macitynet here, looks like the ideal solution for a trip or for those who have little space at home.

It is capable of charging three devices from its traditional USB ports and at the same time also any device with power from USB-C from which they come out up to 65W. This power represents an interesting threshold because it allows both to charge an iPhone at full speed (even using a Magsafe) its because it offers the official power to charge a MacBook Air. It is even able to support the operation of MacBook Pro (as we are doing at this moment while writing these lines) and if you have a little patience even recharge it.

Obviously it is also ideal for the new iPads and even more iPad Pro since these absorb up to 30W. With the USB-A ports you can still charge a plethora of other devices at high speed; they represent the idea for headphones, external batteries, mice, keyboards and so on. Connecting a device to the USB-C port the three USB-A ports provide up to 20W, more than enough power to charge an iPhone (though not at full speed) and along with headphones, mice, keyboards and so on.

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In the box you’ll find the USB-C charger (four ports), detachable 1.5 meter power cable, adhesive strip to attach the charger to a desk, welcome guide.

It would cost 39.99 euros, but thanks to a coupon with 15% discount (click below the price), you buy it for 33.99 euros.