At the end of last year, we discovered the futuristic (and terribly badly optimized) universe of Cyberpunk 2077. At the end of 2021, reality is catching up with fiction, since in Sweden, the company DSruptive Subdermals proposes a small chip to be grafted under the skin. An implant that stores various personal data… including the now precious health pass.

The health pass… under the skin?

In 2021, we are used to presenting our health pass via a QR code displayed on a sheet of paper, or for the more modern ones on a smartphone, or even on an Apple Watch. But since a few weeks, in Sweden, you can present your health pass by scanning your hand or forearm, thanks to an implant placed directly under the skin. Remember that another implant was recently discovered , allowing contactless payments.

The chip in question is placed directly under the skin, on the hand or forearm, and can store various personal information, including the health pass. A totally passive chip, which does not contain any battery, and which does not allow in any case to send data, to follow or to monitor its host (according to DSruptive Subdermals).

You will have understood, the principle is simple, and instead of drawing your smartphone at the entrance of the restaurant, you will only have to pass your forearm in front of the restaurant owner’s smartphone, to display your health pass. Note that the company explains that it does not sell implants dedicated specifically to COVID-related certificates. “Implants can be used for many things, and one of them is that the user of a chip can add any information they want to their device. This can be for example links to websites, a vcard file or a link to a covid certificate. DSruptive has no control over what users put on their devices,” explains the company.

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Hannes Sjoblad, head of DSruptive Subdermals, explains that the implant is not only safe, but that the small chip is also much more economical and durable than a wristband.onnected. Indeed, if the cost of the implant is estimated at about a hundred euros, a connected bracelet easily costs twice that, with the added bonus of a lifespan of 3 or 4 years for the bracelet, compared to thirty to forty years for the subcutaneous chip.