Amazon is not present in the smartphone market. When it comes to tablets, however, it is one of the major players. In 2020, according to IDC, Amazon was the fifth largest manufacturer in this industry, shipping 14 million units, for a market share of 8.5%.

Like most manufacturers, though, Amazon doesn’t design its own chips, but must buy chips from a third-party company to power its Kindle tablets. But according to an article from the Trustedreview site, which relays a post from the GoodeReader blog, the situation could change. According to the publication, Amazon has plans to develop its own chips for Kindle tablets.

Of course, this is a rumor to be considered with great caution. Nevertheless, it should be noted that currently, this seems to be a trend for the players in the smartphone industry.

Currently, only a few manufacturers, to mention only Samsung (for a part of the production) and Apple, use home-made chips. But currently, a rumor also suggests that Google may soon launch its own chip on the Pixel 6 series, which will be released this second half of 2021.

Xiaomi also seems interested in using its own chips. In fact, in 2017, the company already launched a smartphone that, instead of using a Snapdragon or Mediatek chip, uses a homemade chip called Surge S1.

And more recently, the manufacturer launched the Mi Mix Fold. The device still uses a Snapdragon SoC. However, for image processing, Xiaomi has designed a chip called Surge C1.

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