Since the announcement of the Xbox Series X in December 2019 during the Game Awards, Microsoft enters the game of the fans and shows self-deprecation around its consoles. At E3 last month, the American firm confirmed the upcoming arrival of the Series X mini-fridges.

On the occasion of the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it is now an Xbox Series S case that is produced in limited quantities. The beginning of a new phenomenon on the Internet?

Take a trip with your Xbox Series S case

Valise Xbox Series SValise Xbox Series S


To celebrate the porting of Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox Series X/S (after its release on PC last year), Xbox Australia & New Zealand and the luggage company July have partnered to design Xbox Series S cases.

For the moment, it is not possible to buy this case. It can be won via a Twitter contest (with the console inside) for gamers in Australia and New Zealand only. The case features the design of Microsoft’s machine right down to the little black circle on the front.

As with the fridge joke, there are no plans for this case to be released in the future. However, things can change very quickly on the internet thanks to the buzz.

To date, there is a very limited amount of suitcases that have been sent to Australian influencers. Inside the case is an Xbox Series S and a controller. The influencers’ gamertag is gAlso found on the back of the case.

Unfortunately, you have no chance of getting a copy in France since the contest is not global. If you want to console yourself with the Xbox Series X mini-fridge, keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks. According to the latest announcements from Microsoft, the object should be released for the end of year celebrations everywhere in the world. For the moment, no price has been announced.

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