Instagram is available from age 13. To protect young people, the social network has taken the route of partitioning. Interactions between adults and minors are difficult: profiles are not displayed in recommended content, message discussions are limited, as are comments.

Under a new British law, the Facebook-owned social network has decided to tighten the screws again. From now on, all new users under the age of 18 will have a private account by default. Configured this way, their profile and photos will not be visible to users who have not been accepted into the teenagers’ account subscribers.

Until then, Instagram would only make a suggestion to its users to switch to a private account. Now, teens will still be able to set up a public profile, but upon registration, the account will automatically be private. A notification will be sent to users who already have an account and are in a public profile.

Other protective walls

Instagram and Facebook are working at a steady pace to comply with the rules of different countries on the issue of protecting minors on the Internet. But the group also knows that this is a large customer base so its teams are trying in vain to find a solution to convert young people at an early age on the platforms.

In March, the media BuzzFeed announced that Instagram was working on a full-fledged application aimed entirely at teenagers. To reinforce the divide with adults, a separate app would be an idea. But that didn’t sit well with many minor protection organizations for whom the idea would put young people “at risk.”

“Instagram as it exists today was designed for people over 13,” defended Karina Newton, Instagram’s head of public policy. “We’re looking to create something that is compelling for tweens and works for parents,” she added.

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The other protections installed relate to adult-underage interactions. Among them, the most important new feature is the introduction of a detector system for “suspicious” adults, who can be flagged as such if they’ve been blocked by multiple underage accounts.