A few days ago, we discovered the first trailer of the new animated series inspired by the video game The Witcher, but today it’s another video game license that is making the news: Pokémon. Indeed, if the animated series is available on the platform, Netflix intends to go one step further, by producing a series, in “live action“, around the Pokémon universe.

Pokémon the series?

For more than 20 years now, the Pokémon saga never stops renewing itself, with notably Pokémon GO 5 years ago, but also trading cards, video games on Nintendo Switch or even the movie Detective Pikachu launched in 2019. A film that should therefore inspire a series that could see the player on the streaming platform of the American group.

This is in any case what Variety reveals, with an adaptation that would be in the early stages of development, and which we obviously do not know much, except the person in charge of this delicate adaptation, namely Joe Henderson. The latter is notably at the origin of another very appreciated series, namely Lucifer. It is to him that would return the writing and production of this new Pokémon series.

Let’s remember that Netflix has been taking a malicious pleasure for a few years now to adapt the most prestigious video game licenses, in animated series (Resident Evil) or in series (The Witcher). Adaptations that are more or less successful, but which nevertheless enrich the service’s catalogue on a regular basis.

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On this subject, let’s remember that Netflix France has recently drawn up a list of 50 films that are a must-see on the platform.