There are plenty of induction cooktops with four burners. Of these, models that are only 35 cm deep are much rarer. This is the case with the Klarstein Delicatessa 90 Slim.

Built-in appliances often impose size standards, which is why ovens, for example, are about 60 cm high by 60 cm wide and 55 cm deep. Induction cooktops are subject to similar constraints, so they usually require a space of 60 cm long by 50 cm deep to install. However, manufacturers offer larger hobs, 90 cm x 50 cm, for islands or kitchens with very large work surfaces.

The Klarstein Delicatessa 90 Slim also measures 90 cm, like the very exclusive Miele KM 7999 FR. However, it is only 35 cm deep. As a result, the four inductors are placed next to each other, not in a square. This makes it possible to integrate it into a very narrow worktop or to equip it with a retractable extractor hood, a strong trend in the kitchen world.

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Saving space allows a certain amount of freedom in the layout of the worktop. Klarstein

Nevertheless, this original shape does not prevent the Klarstein Delicatessa 90 Slim from developing a total power of 7000 W, comparable to that of many models we have already tested: 1500 for the first hearth on the far left, 2000 for the second, 1500 for the third and finally 2000 for the last one completely on the right. Each of them can be set to one of the nine power levels offered, although fussy chefs will prefer a plate with more notches to set the temperature more precisely. However, this should be more than enough for everyday use. As is already the case with the overwhelming majority of other models, a “boost” mode is provided to punctually increase the power of the inductor to raise the temperature as quickly as possible. Perfect for boiling water for pasta.

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The Klarstein Delicatessa 90 Slim benefits from a pair of twin heaters. At the touch of a button, two inducers combine to form a single large cooking zone, capable of accommodating large or unusually shaped utensils such as a fish pan. While on “square” plates it is usually the two inductors, front right and rear right or front left and rear left, that are involved, here it is the pair of lights in the center that has this feature.

In spite of the unusual dimensions, which could be of interest to the owners of thehe Klarstein Delicatessa 90 Slim hob has an original architecture and is not very innovative. This probably explains why it can be found for about 450 €.