Game News 8 must-have indie platformers for Xbox

Published on 08/08/2021 at 15:40

As we start the month of August, we decided to take a breather and jump from one platform to another like any good platformer hero. Over the past few years, the indie scene has stepped up its gameplay for a genre that’s not necessarily in the news anymore. If you own an Xbox (One, X/S Series) and you like precision jumps, we invite you to discover these self-published titles.

Our definition of an independent gameIn

this selection, you’ll only find games that are self-published by the development studios that made them. Although Devolver, Team17 and FDG Entertainment specialize in publishing independent games, they are still publishers. That’s why you won’t find Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Air, The Messenger or Monster Boy and the Cursed King.

Shovel KnightWith

its shovel-wielding hero and retro look reminiscent of old NES games, Shovel Knight

may seem like it’s trying to dig up our old memories without much subtlety. But it’s not. The title designed by Yacht Club Games has a real personality thanks to an effective character design, particularly well done animations, a frantic pace and a polished plot. Shovel Knight is a real tribute to retro games that manages to take the best of the golden age of action/platform games, without the flaws, all while bringing its own touch. With its moving scenery, disappearing blocks, forced scrolling, numerous secret passages and varied bestiary, the game provides excellent variety. 8 jeux de plates-formes indés à découvrir absolument sur Xbox

Oddworld : New ‘n’ Tasty !

Developed by Oddworld Inhabitants (a studio run by the mischievous Lorne Lanning) and Just Add Water, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!

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is a successful remake of Abe’s Odyssey, a game released in 1997 on PlayStation and PC. As the bravest Mudokon in history, the player must escape from RuptureFarms, avoiding both enemies and the many traps that abound. Fortunately, he can rely on his psychic powers to make life easier. With its beautiful graphics, Oddworld never loses sight of its atmosphere, relying on a world that oscillates between industrialization and an openly ecological message. The most invested players will be able to try to save all the Mudokons still present in the factory corridors. A quality adventure that could leave you speechless… the ultimate when the hero has his own sewn up! <img alt=”8 must-have indie platformers for Xbox” src=”” />A

Hat in TimeSuper

Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Psychonauts… so many cult titles from which the studio Gears for Breakfast was inspired to develop A Hat in


In this colorful 3D platformer that is played in different periods of history, the player must collect all the time glasses. The good-natured atmosphere as well as the friendly setting set the tone: A Hat in Time is designed for nostalgic old-school 3D platformers. With an originality, it offers a system of hats to be made, giving additional abilities (running, throwing explosive potions, etc.). This gives a little boost while exploring the levels of the epic.


true declaration of love to the genre, Gears for Breakfast is sure to satisfy nostalgic fans of the great era.

8 jeux de plates-formes indés à découvrir absolument sur Xbox

CelesteIt’s hard to

find fault



, as it propels the platformer genre to its peak. Matt Thorson’s title excels in everything it does: the handling is very good, the levels are well laid out, the music is splendid, and the story told is surprisingly good. Whether you’re a 2D platformer fan or you want to discover the genre, Celeste ticks all the boxes. Sure, it doesn’t really break any new ground or take many risks with its mechanics, but the climb is worth it. Your fingers may ache from the challenge, but it’s for a good cause. 8 jeux de plates-formes indés à découvrir absolument sur Xbox

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An action/platformer inspired by traditional Mexican culture, Guacamelee!

requires you to don the mask of Juan, a young Luchador who sets out to find his childhood friend kidnapped by Calaca and his henchmen. Offering nervous and intense fights, the software designed by Drinkbox Studios is inspired by the tenors of the platform. We find the double jump, the jump against the walls, the spikes, the pools of acid or lava. Classic, of course, but well integrated into the levels particularly worked. In addition, the developers had the good idea to integrate a certain amount of humor rather welcome. Guacamelee! is a good 2D platformer, playable with two players locally, which has a sequel that is also pleasant to play. <img alt=”8 platformer games indie game to discover on Xbox” src=”” />InsideIt’s hard to

describe Inside

without spoiling any surprises or giving away the story. We can only say that it is a game that alternates between platforming and puzzles, which takes place in a very strange universe where the whole world seems to be after the young hero that the player is leading. Playdead’s title displays a dystopian world populated by strange creatures, large abandoned industrial spaces and sordid situations. Its fast pace makes the situations follow one another and never repeat themselves. Superbly animated, elegantly directed, Inside is a model of the genre that relies more on its atmosphere than on its relatively simple game mechanics. A masterpiece that hasn’t aged a bit. 8 jeux de plates-formes indés à découvrir absolument sur Xbox

Rogue LegacyRogue


belongs to the Rogue-Like family, which means that the levels generated have a random element and that the death of a hero is permanent. A true 2D action/platform game that we could call a Metroidvania, Rogue Legacy exposes sadistic platforming passages, with spikes to impale yourself on and multiple flaming projectiles to avoid. Unlike other games of the genre, the hero only has a simple jump in his panoply of moves to hope to get out of it. The title developed by Cellar Door Games manages to remain balanced from start to finish. Beware though, its genre makes it inevitably repetitive despite the random generation of levels. The challenge is worth it. 8 jeux de plates-formes indés à découvrir absolument sur Xbox

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by Jonas Manke, Omno is a 3D platformer with an enchanting universe. Very inspired by Journey or The Pathless, Omno owes a lot to its adorable visuals. If at the beginning of the adventure the main protagonist can only run and jump, he acquires over the course of the game to dasher in order to reach platforms that are too far away, but also to float in the air and teleport. Improvements that make the initially too rigid gameplay more enjoyable. It remains classic, but 3D platformers are too rare to be ignored. Omno is available in Game Pass at the time of writing.