In a section of Apple’s U.S. website there’s a new page titled “11 reasons why Mac means business”, a play on words that’s difficult to translate (“means business” means “being serious” but also “having clear ideas”) but that basically could be translated as “11 reasons why the Mac is a serious business choice”.

Apple cites various factors, from the power of the M1 chip, to the ease of use of macOS. Cupertino cites the M1 as “the chip that changes everything” thanks to custom technologies, extraordinarily fast processing and amazing energy efficiency. An “innovation within innovation” for the entire team, highlighting how M1 chip laptops boast great battery life.

Macs, Apple further explains, are easy to use and manage, cost less in the long run and save thousands of dollars a year in service, technical support and lower maintenance requirements.

11 motivi per convincere le aziende a passare al Mac11 motivi per convincere le aziende a passare al Mac

Apple further explains that the world’s most innovative companies use Macs, with Macs deployed in companies such as Salesforce, SAP and Target.

There’s also a reference to security, which has always been high on the list of reasons why users prefer Macs. Apple says Macs are “the most secure personal computers on the planet” thanks to features such as hardware secure-boot, on-the-fly data encryption, Touch ID and Gatekeeper.

Apple again cites the obvious better support of devices like iPads and iPhones, with the ability to switch between devices thanks to Continuity, the technology that allows you to copy and paste items between devices, estend the device screen and more that make it easy to switch between devices.

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For each of the various points there are subsections with specific details. Apple says the Mac is designed to work, play and create in ways you never imagined. It’s the computer that comes with lots of built-in apps that are ready to use right out of the box, with free regular software updates that keep everything running smoothly. And if you already use an iPhone, you’ll feel right at home on a Mac from the moment you start.