XIAOMI Smart Lock

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Smart lock XIAOMI MIJIA Youth Version manageable via APP WIFI touch screen set with password and fingerprint.

Features :
1. Live fingerprint recognition, the recognition rate reaches 97.4%. Quick unlock in one step.
2. The core of the direct grip block goes through the body of the block. Even if the panel is damaged, the lock core is still intact. The security level of the lock core is C>B>A.
3. Built-in friction point machine, class B security lock body, effectively prevent the opening of technology and violence, even if the panel is damaged can not open the door.
4. Perfect design for protection against electromagnetic interference, perfect against small black box attacks.
5. Corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, can withstand the test of – 25 ℃ – 55 ℃.
6. High-strength alloy frame.
7.Open the lock APP alert, fingerprint password add delete management, set the door lock.
Application: interior door, bedroom, living room
Unlocking methods: fingerprint and password
USB backup power: Yes
Material: high strength alloy
Operating temperature: -25℃ to 70℃Chip level: C level
Package included:
1 x XiaoMi MiJia Smart Door Lock Youth Version

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